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Josh Duggar Is Missing From A New Family Photo, And Its Got The Family Values Crowd FUMING

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at 2016.03.12
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Josh Duggar, wayward scion of the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, was on the receiving end of much deserved criticism in the spring when it was revealed that Duggar molested his sisters. This revelation, while appalling, was not the least bit surprising given the subculture that the Duggars belong to.

Now, a new family photo posted Tuesday to the family s Facebook account is drawing some criticisms from the fans. Why?

Because Josh isnt in it.

Monkey see, monkey do

Josh Duggar grew up in a community thats as perverted and warped as it is reactionary. Last May, the tabloid magazine InTouch reported on a police report that accused Josh Duggar of molesting his sisters and a family friend when they were minors. The news blew up, and within days, the eldest Duggar was engulfed in a maelstrom of criticisms.

Then it was revealed that the man who founded the clinic where Josh went to get help was himself implicated in many accounts of molestation, and the scandal became a parade of the ugliest pieces of humanity imaginable. Its easy to see where Duggar got the behavior from; he was immersed in it from the start.

The scandal reached its nadir when the family defended themselves on Fox News, after which reports of them tapered off.

Until now.

The Prodigal Son

Having squandered his fame and authority but sadly, not having wound up in jail where he belongs Josh Duggar fell out of the media, and, apparently, out of his family, too.

On Tuesday, the Duggars uploaded a photograph to the familys Facebook account celebrating the wedding of a close relative. Absent from the photograph, as fans were quick to point out, was Josh.

One fan, Chantel Paulsen Middleton, decried the absence, and hoped that they dont make a habit of leaving Josh out. She added, Dont remove a relative for fame to support the haters, as you will lose the fans that love you for all your family values.

Haters? The man is a self-admitted molester. Whatever material makes up the impervious walls of their reality, DARPA should look into it for future space exploration.

Fan Angie Riggins begged them not to leave Josh out of photos because of the haters I can tell he has changed and is a good man.

Fan Kay Hart said that she missed the show and Will miss all the births and weddings. Bring show back. [sic]

You can see other responses below:




Some fans were a bit more incessant:


Of course, not everyone was interested in mincing words and playing nice:

Staying as far out of the limelight, if hes smart.

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      These kind of people are so stupid and it is very disgusting that this garbage gets a TV Show.19 kids is disgusting behavior.Very irresponsible.
      I now forget the Term they call themselves but their community is a perverted backward thinking movement.

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