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Kids Penis Joke Sends Father On His Final Journey

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Howard Cocks Dickinson IVs children started his obituary with a penis joke and ended it with a warning. In the first paragraph, they state:

He walked through heavens gate prick first, just as he would have wanted.

A name like Cocks Dickinson invites a certain amount of screwing around at its expense. But the obituary in The Conway Daily Sun raises questions about just how much the kids were motivated by a sense of humor. Their article makes the point that the New Hampshire man was survived by three children (that we know of). The reader learns that Dickinson nicknamed Crow was a lover of hunting, fishing, food, the woods, women, politics, dogs, guns, porn, and last but not least, himself.

There is a section or two that are more typical of the average obituary. For instance, the accomplishments that Dickinson racked up as a public servant are listed. But thats sort of overshadowed by a long string of talents that include knife sharpening, gun cleaning, and sharpening chain saws. The three little chips off the old block also included a wish-list of things for their fathers final journey, ending with …and a room full of women with an open bar!

Anyone wanting to find a fuller picture of Howard Cocks Dickinson IVs life will be hard put to do so. A Google search of his name turns up nothing but references to the penis joke in the 78-year-old mans obituary. However, the kids notice of his death which can be read in its entirety here lists a time and place for services, as well as an invitation that will surely result in a most interesting memorial:

Please bring your favorite written story, memory or photograph to post and share on a wall created in his memory.

As if anyone could top the kids feat. Their coup de grace lies in their final shot:

Lesson to be learned: be nice to your children, because they are the ones who hold your hand when you are dying and write your obituary

Just what are we to make of that winky face?

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