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Like A Kindergartner Not Getting His Way, Trump Bans Univision Employees From His Properties

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Donald Trump is in a feud. Theres nothing new about that. He Twitter fights in ways that make teenagers tell him to grow up and it happens every single time hes the least little bit butt hurt, which is all the time.

The latest, though, is a bit more serious than his typical Twitter fight because his statements about Mexican and Central American immigrants were so far beyond offensive that they could be accused of provoking violence.

As a refresher, Trump, during his speech announcing his presidential campaign, said:

The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody elses problems. [Applause] Thank you. Its true, and these are the best and the finest. When Mexico sends its people, theyre not sending their best. Theyre not sending you. Theyre not sending you. Theyre sending people that have lots of problems, and theyre bringing those problems with us. Theyre bringing drugs. Theyre bringing crime. Theyre rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

Source: Washington Post

Not only has Trump not apologized, hes doubled down on the comment, saying:

Some are good and some are rapists and some are killers. We dont even know what were getting, Trump said when asked if he regretted his comments at his announcement event in New York last week.

Source: CNN.com

Not surprisingly, the Spanish language cable station Univision is not happy with Trumps remarks, so they pulled the Miss USA pageant, which Trump partially owns. In retaliation, Trump is, of course suing, but hes also banning each and every one of Univisions employees from his properties.

In a letter to Univisions CEO and president Randy Falco, Trump said, Please be advised that under no circumstances is any officer or representative of Univision allowed to use Trump National Doral, Miamiits golf courses or any of its facilities. Also, please immediately stop work and close the gate which is being constructed between our respective properties. If this is not done within one week, we will close it.

Even worse, Trump published a photo of a handwritten note from Univisions Jorge Ramos, an anchor, that allegedly contains Ramos phone number.

Not only are these sort of public battles childish, they are potentially dangerous. This is not a man you want negotiating treaties or anything more than making neckties. If he chooses to have one of his temper tantrums toward a world leader, even in his current position as a presidential candidate, it could have serious repercussions.

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    • Johnny 5

      This is the guy in second place in Repuglican presidential polls. Gives you insight into the Repuglican psyche.

    • Christy Bishop Cricow

      Worse than this is the fact that Trump has already TOLD us what he intends to do as president!! Bring ISIS to the table, negotiate with them. Hes said it at least twice. Insane!! If Hillary Clinton said something like that she would be vilified as a naive fool (and people would be right!) THEN he has promised to send in ground troops against them. Donald Trump is a silver spoon, spoiled, stupid, racist bully. I cannot believe that anyone who has listened to a word out of that vile mouth would actually support him.

      • LostSok

        Hes going to fire them. Thatll teach em.

      • Chad Silverstein

        Ann Coulter. Rush Limbaugh. Sarah Palin. Even the biggest idiots and blowhards will attract an audience, when they have the nations attention.

    • marytg

      donald maybe you should check out some college where your white all American man are raping girls.. But hese are jocks so no punishment

    • olinross

      Hey Trump you reap what you sow………

      • vinceNYC

        Trump isnt reading this tough guy

        • Anna Marie

          No, but you did along with many other followers. So, he got his point across. Its all true. Trump along with any supporters, are ignorant and that is being kind.

    • Steve Mushynsky

      tRump is the child in grade school with behavioral problems.

    • No-way

      I wonder how he would react when he gets a NO from Angela Merkel, the German Prime Minister.

    • harebob

      The very notion that South American countries are sending people is an idea straight from fantasy. It amazes me that he is running second in any poll. His actions and his words should disqualify him for any office.

    • serious woman

      What about those pinatas the Mexicans made after hearing the news about the wall ?

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