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Lunatic Right-Winger Confuses Obama For Muslim, Claims God Is Working With Putin

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at 2016.01.28
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According to Christian radio host Rick Wiles the man who called Obama an uncircumcised philistine President Obama is legitimizing Daesh, attempting to expand the caliphate, and doing it all from the White House.

Oh, and God is with right-wing Americas favorite president, former KGB agent Vladimir Putin.

It is the truth

While discussing President Obamas involvement in restraining Daesh on TruNews, Wiles observed that President Obama wasnt working against the organization, he was working to help them. How so? Because he refused to call them ISIS instead of ISIL.

Wiles maintained that the Presidents use of ISIL is a red flag, proving that the president supports a Muslim caliphate that will extend to Israel. According to Wiles, Obama is setting up this Muslim caliphate . . . from the White House.

A Muslim caliphate? As opposed to what, a Buddhist caliphate? A Daoist caliphate? A Jewish caliphate?

Whats likely at the heart of Wiless claim is the difference between Levant and Syria. The region historically identified as Levant covers Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan; Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, and parts of Libya are sometimes included. So because the President refuses to call them the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and chooses to call them the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, hes supporting their Caliphate.

Outside of the hermetically sealed rheopectic bubble of reality that conservatives live in, this makes no sense. Daesh wants a global caliphate, and they want an apocalyptic final battle thatll bring about the end times. But if you live inside of that bubble, then well, I guess anything is possible.

Wiles was very confident of his analysis, too, and said that his critics in the left-wing media wouldnt challenge me on this issue. He then proceeded to promptly crucify himself:

Oh, theyll make fun of me, theyll mock me about every other thing, but they will not challenge me on this issue that Obama is a Muslim building a caliphate in the Middle East. Because its true. It is the truth.

You get mocked because thats already been debunked, countless times in the past. People only have so much patience to deal with the same stupid claims over and over. Being mocked doesnt mean youre right. It means youre the latest idiot to spout stuff thats been proven wrong many. many times before.

Wiles shifted the subject away from the United States and to the wingnuts favorite country, Russia, and their favorite president, 16-year KGB veteran Vladimir Putin. Putin, according to Wiles, is actually fighting back despite Russian airstrikes targeting anti-Assad forces more than Daesh.

Wiles noted that he was going to say something thats going to shock a lot of American evangelicals which, again, has me questioning what reality he lives in but he has a mancrush on Putin, and so does his imaginary friend:

God is on Putins side. Did you hear what I said? The Almighty God is on the side of Putin and the Russians.

God is on Putins side because Obama is black and Wiles hates black people because Putin and the Russians are on the side of justice and are preventing the genocide of Christians, which is being orchestrated by Americas Muslim caliphate, Mohammad President in the White House.

Let it never be said Wiles doesnt have a flair for the dramatic, even if he doesnt understand how words actually work.

Listen to Wiles below:

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      Why because of Putins Skin Pigmentation ????

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      Not sure if Putin is working with God, but Im sure that Obama is either a muslim or a muslim lover… Besides, we all know he is into Zoophilia

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