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Marco Rubio: Trump Has Little Hands, You Know What They Say About Men With Small Hands (VIDEO)

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Donald Trumps Twitter reads like a manual on grade-school insults, and little Marco Rubio seems to be his current favorite target. Today, Marco Rubio hit back, but this time, he swung below the belt, really close to little Donald.

Hilarious, yes, but also a damning indictment of the Republican party. Why? Because, Marco Rubio was forced by his own constituency to sink to Donald Trumps level of juvenile insults: he was losing, badly, and they seemed bored with the clean-cut All-American kid.

The GOP voters have spoken loud and clear: entertain us or die a harsh political death.

Finally having enough, Marco Rubio asked his audience to bear with him so they could have some fun, Rubio took to twitter and started to talk about the attacks against him by Trump. Then he sunk to Trumps level to please the crowd. Unfortunately, the old saying about not sinking to the low level of others because they will beat you with experience is proven true again: Rubio just isnt very good at this.

Among the weakest insults Rubio gave Trump:

Donald Trump is not going to make America Great again, he is going to make America orange!

Then, the little hands: mentioned today in a now-viral video by John Oliver, Trump has tiny little hands. His hands are just almost child-like and he is very sensitive about this issue. So, running with the analogy Rubio actually scored (half) a point:

He calls me little Marco, and Ill admit, hes taller than me, hes like 6 2. Which is why I dont understand why his hands, they are the size of someone who is 5 2. Have you seen his hands? And you know what they say about men with small hands…

Marco allowed the screaming laughter and catcalling to die down before saying, you cant trust them!

Watch the continuing melodrama of the GOPs insult commedy as a substitute for campaigning here:

For the full incident:

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