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Marijuana Wax Called A Dangerous New Drug Thousands Of Snickers Bars In Jeopardy

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at 2015.12.13
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Anti-pot propagandists take any opportunity they can to vilify a drug that is becoming more and more accepted by the American people. The latest melee comes at the expense of marijuana wax, a substance made from the oil of pot plants.

Concentrating THC is an ancient art, nowhere near new. Calling marijuana concentrates, something Stuff Stoners Like has been reporting and reviewing since 2007 new and dangerous is a lapse in journalistic integrity from conservative media outlets looking to score points with their aging crowd of viewers.

The fact is, THC in any concentration is non-lethal. Marijuana doesnt kill. Its not physically addictive. Beneficial uses of the plant go back thousands of years.

The issue was brought to the forefront of the marijuana debate recently when FOX29 Atlanta decided to run a story about an investigation into a drug bust in Roswell, GA, reporting that:

Roswell Police say they believe the people arrested in the drug bust were likely selling to high school kids because its easy to transport and hide. They have received complaints from parents at Roswell High School.

Police say Wax is easy to transport and easy to conceal. The drug has the consistency of wax and can be molded into various shapes or simply tiny, round balls. It is often found hidden in jars of lip balm, because it is basically the same color and texture.

They were likely selling to high school kids? With absolutely no evidence to back that claim another FOX affiliate has decided to revert to the 1950s anti-pot mentality that children will become addicted and naughty in droves if something isnt done.

Hopefully this new form of the dangerous drug doesnt catch on. Thousands of Snickers bars will meet an untimely end. The nations supply of Ritz Bitz peanut butter crackers could be depleted to unimaginable levels. Ben and Jerry may not be able to keep up with demand for Chunky Monkey and New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Rumor has it that Pepsi may have to amp up its production of Mountain Dew, affectionately referred to by mid-west high school students as stoner pop.

The most dastardly by-product of this new menace will be to cancer patients who might see a reduction in nausea and pain from chemo and radiation treatments at a fraction of the cost of what big pharma wants to sell them.

Thanks, conservatives, for battling this dastardly bit of evil.

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