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Mika Brzezinski Breaks Down, Runs and Hides After Learning What Furries Are (VIDEO)

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at 2015.12.21
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Like many, MSNBCs Mika Brzezinski was a little confused when she heard about a chemical attack on this years FurFest, a convention for furries, people whose sexual fetishes involve taking on the persona of anthropomorphic animal characters.

While full-on sex does occur, intercourse between the costumed individuals often takes the form of yiffing, basically an act of dry-humping that has been known to shut down entire parties (though the word serves as an all-encompassing expression of animal on animal sexuality):

Brzezinski suffered a full-blown breakdown upon learning about furries which is understandable, as five minutes of research into the topic can give a person PTSD. As she introduced the story, Brzezinski stumbled over words as she attempted to nail down just what, exactly, a furry is.

Upon receiving the information, the host did exactly what she felt like doing: She curled up into a ball and laughed uncomfortably. After receiving more information, Brzezinski…just ran away.

Hey, where you going? Joe Scarborough yelled after her. Come back!

Nineteen people at the convention were hospitalized after chlorine powder was left in a 9th floor stairwell. Police say that the placement of the powder suggests an intentional act.

Furries, often the subject of ridicule for one reason or another, have occasionally found themselves the victims of fire alarm pranks that force those who attend events to stand outside in their costumes which some find amusing according to one FurFest attendee.

A lot of people thought this was just someone pulling the fire alarm, Thomas Zell explained. But it was serious this time.

‘s FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator.

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  • Andy Morgan

    I watched that this morning on Morning Joe (LMAO!) It was funny as hell (LOL!)

  • DarkSoulsSauron

    its not the whole fandom… sigh.

    some people like to dress in fursuit and act in such a way. most of the fandom does not.
    most of the fandom consists of artists, writers, and complex, creative people. this is a prime example of the news reporting what they clearly dont have a clear understanding of.

  • Sindi Linette

    Some real professional journalism there.

  • Wayne Alan Blood

    CSI had a case involving a Furry Convention in one of the early seasons. I was mesmerized.

  • Robert Smith

    Wow, John Prager ends up looking rather clueless when it comes to furries.

    Kudos to the people at Midwest FurFest who raised $31,000 for an animal charity this weekend.

  • Matt Carey

    Lol furfags.

  • Marc Kent

    I dont know anything about this movement, but if it raised money for animal shelters and such then Im cool with it.

  • Scott Sorg

    This dude sounds and looks like the poster child for butt hurt. He complains about the same exact things he is guilty of doing/being. Typical Libertard.

  • Greg Bailey

    Furry today……mange tomorrow.

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