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Missouri Mother Has 6- Year- Old Kidnapped To Teach Him A Lesson (VIDEO)

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at 2016.02.07
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A Troy, Missouri family is in trouble with the law, thanks to a plot they say was designed to teach a six- year- old family member a lesson about being too nice.

According to St. Louis tv station KTVI, the plot began when Denise Kroutil approached a co-worker, Nathan Firoved, and asked him to kidnap her nephew. The boys mother, Elizabeth Hupp, and grandmother, Rose Brewer, agreed to the plan. The group felt that the boy was being too friendly to strangers, and they wanted to teach him a lesson about stranger danger.

Police say that Firoved waited for the boy on February 2, and, after he was dropped off at his bus stop, Firoved lured the boy into his truck. He told the boy that he would never see his mother again, and that he would be nailed to the wall of a shed. When the boy started crying, Firoved threatened him with a handgun.

Firoved then bound the boys hands and feet, and covered his face. He drove to the boys home, where he took him into the basement and left him. Some time later, the boys aunt came into the basement, pulled his pants down, and began yelling that he could be sold as a sex slave.

The whole event lasted some four hours. At the end, the boy was released, and brought upstairs to his family, where they proceeded to lecture him about being too nice to strangers.

The family doesnt think they did anything wrong.

The boy told officials at his school what had happened, and they notified the Missouri Division of Family Services. Officers from the sheriffs department were sent to the home and the boy was placed in protective custody.

Family members say that their aim was to educate the boy, and they dont believe that they did anything wrong. The state of Missouri disagrees. Firoved, Brewer, and Kroutil were charged with kidnapping, felonious restraint, and child abuse. The boys mother was charged with kidnapping, and child abuse. All four are being held in Lincoln County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bond.

Heres a report, from WDAF:

Image via KTVI

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