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MN Senator Drafts Bill Banning Transgender People From Bathrooms Because Caitlyn Jenner Likes Women

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at 2016.02.01
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If the current slew of bills banning transgender people from public restrooms of their choice is any indication, Republican senators are more informed by pornography than they are their Bible or reality.

At the beginning of this month, Minnesota state senators Warren Limmer and Abigail Whelan give a lengthy interview with AM 980 KKMS Paul Ridgeway, to explain why theyre pushing for a bill that would bar transgendered youth from using school bathrooms that match their gender, as well as repeal gender-inclusive policies at Minnesota schools.

And reason? Because, apparently, Caitlyn Jenner is a lesbian, and womens restrooms and locker rooms are 24-hour long orgies of deviance and sin.

The Bathroom Bill

All three were pushing for the bill, called the Bathroom Bill, to be a major issue in the 2016 legislative session.

During the interview, the three attacked Caitlyn Jenner, with Limmer claiming that Jenner is why the Bathroom Bill is necessary:

Limmer: You brought up Bruce Jenner going through his change surgically, and when you interview him, hes says, Yes. Im glad Im now a quote-unquote woman but I still have the yearnings for women! And so think of that type of person, a young person who wants to play on a girls team because he thinks he is more likely going to be a woman in the future and hes now going to share a locker room.
Ridgeway: Or a shower.
Limmer: On a girls team and if Bruce Jenner still has yearnings for women… so would that young man who thinks hes a girl in a girls locker room
Ridgeway: Yeah the thing is actually, its not only crazy, its diabolical.

See? Whatd I tell you their bills are more informed by adult entertainment than by reality.

Prior to that bit of weirdness, Whelan made the bizarre claim that being transgender was somehow contagious:

Whelan: I worked pretty closely with the chief author of the bill in the House that would have addressed this issue, and we did actually end up passing it as an amendment onto the education omnibus bill. Now, unfortunately it was stripped out during conference committee as an amendment. The reason for me this issue is so important is, number one, a safety issue. Its a safety issue, for young people… I actually think that Sen. [Michelle] Benson, one of our colleagues in the Senate, Benson said it very well when they were debating this. You know, you have two kids who are going to school together from kindergarten. Now, maybe they are 10 years old and ones a boy and ones a girl and well say one of them says, You know what? I no longer feel like a boy. I want to be a girl. Well, now this little girl who was with this child for you know 5 to 6 years is going to the bathroom with him and unfortunately, you know, that girl goes home and says, Mom, dad, I dont understand You know, so and so was a boy and is now a girl, like am I still a girl or am I a boy now? You as a parent have to deal with that and it just… unfortunately it raises a lot of scary questions.

It didnt take long to re-purpose this argument. Not even a year ago they were using this argument kids will ask scary questions about sexuality to argue against gay marriage.

The real meat of the interview, however, came when Whelan quoted Dr. Paul McHugh, an anti-LGBT activist. McHugh, who worked at John Hopkins University, is a textbook case of how not to do science, and distorted research to fit his anti-transgender agenda.

Whelan: I know, that brings me back to the transgender issue real quick. I just wanted to mention, you know, when we look at this issue, the long-term effects for example of a transgender operation, when they do studies on it, the suicide rates for those folks increases 20 times and were not just talking about these individuals. This will affect taxpayers at some point. They are talking about having taxpayer-funded transgender surgeries, taxpayer-funded hormone suppression therapy for kids, and they dont even know the long terms effects of that. But one of the things is if you are a young person, you might become infertile by going through some of these things. So when we are talking about, you know, what Sen. Limmer brought up earlier with the sports teams and bathrooms in schools, it really is a lot broader… We want to get to this issue so it doesnt keep going but if we dont it will keep going and see, you know, we need to be praying about this for sure.

. . .

Ridgeway: And its far more and I tell you folks, Johns Hopkins University, which led the sex change in 1960s stopped doing it not only because the suicide rate, they realized this was a psychological problem both physical and mental, the men who became women and the women who became men, were still women and they were still men and this is crazy and I see Satan now bringing Bruce Jenner in his timing you know but its still a man and still a woman. God made two types of people but its certainly a psychological problem.

They re-purposed the suicide argument, too, and in record time, no less. And theyre still absolutely wrong.

Ridgeway then noted that they do have a plan, speaking of pro-LGBT people, saying, Well, let me just say this too. One of my atheist friends who listens laughed at me, but a pro-gay leader said this whole transgender thing is just the beginning. We have a whole plan and everybody was Oh thats not really, the gays dont really have a plan. Well, yes they do.

Sounds ominous, but Ridgeway is right. LGBT people do have a plan: to live their life the way they want to live it. Ridgeway and company just cant accept that the way LGBT people want to live isnt the way that they want LGBT people to live.

Listen to the audio below

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