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Mysterious Creature with Body of Buffalo and Head of Crocodile Baffles Thailand Villagers

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at 2016.02.05
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Villagers in a remote area in Thailand were left puzzled after a bizarre creature with the body of a buffalo and head of a crocodile appeared.

Despite being born from a buffalo, the mysterious animal has a scaly reptile-like skin and crocodile-shaped head. Upon closer inspection, the animal has a body, limbs, and hooves resembling that of a calf.

According to a report by local website Rath, the strange creature died soon after birth in High Rock, Wanghin in Thailand. Apparently, the buffalo previously gave birth to a litter of healthy calves.

An odd-looking creature has baffled villagers in a remote area in Thailand.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Several photos of the odd-looking animal laid out on a table as crowds gathered emerged online and has left Internet users bewildered.

Local villagers believe that the strange creature will bring them good luck.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Although no one has provided a possible explanation why such creature exists, local villagers believe it will bring them good luck.

Check out the video below.

Source: Mirror UK, The Daily Mail UK, Rath

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