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Oklahoma GOP Abolishes First Amendment Separation Of Church And State With INSANE Bill

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at 2015.12.29
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The Oklahoma GOP-led legislature has passed a bill that takes away that states authority to determine the legality of marriage and given it to the clergy. In a state where ignorance is a tradition and privatized entities make many of the rules, this kind of thing has almost come to be expected.

The measure was introduced by State Rep. Todd Russ, who claims the move was intended to bypass the Federal Governments disregard for our 10thAmendment and individual states liberties.

Unfortunately for Russ and the body of idiocy that is the Oklahoma GOP, this little thing called the 14th amendment assures that rights afforded a US citizen by the federal government cant be superseded by individual state law; otherwise abortion would be illegal in anything even resembling Mississippi. That pesky 14th amendment makes abolishing the 1st amendments intended separation of church and state ever so unconstitutional.

Ultimately what the bill does is remove the state from marriage licensing altogether, leaving the clergy to decide what constitutes a legal marriage. Oklahoma court clerks would file the new marriage certificates, indicating that the religion-sanctioned marriage is of state record.

An unfortunate side-effect for the Christian Right would be that clergy covers a wide range of people. In trying to put the sanctity of marriage question in the hands of the Christian clergy, effectively outlawing same-sex marriage, Oklahoma GOPers have dropped a bomb on themselves that they are far too stupid to see.

Certainly the LGBT crowd would simply seek out clergy sympathetic to their cause, or in the worst case scenario, form their own church. The Church Of Happy Rainbows could ordain whoever it likes, and sanction all the same-sex marriages it desires.

John Paul Brammer of Blue Nation review put it into perfect perspective, writing:

…Please join me in Oklahoma where I plan to find a clergy member who agrees with polygamy. I will be getting lawfully married to all of my friends and some strangers too.

Because why not?

Perfect. While this ridiculous bill has little chance of making its way to the law books, even in Oklahoma, its always fun when the GOPers give us new material to poke fun at them for.

H/T: BNR Image: Charles Topher


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  • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

    You apparently dont get it. The state shouldnt be in marriage. That alone is an assault on EVERYBODYS personal liberties gay, straight whatever. I dont trust govt anymore being in my bedroom than being in my healthcare.

    • Slithy

      I trust the government a DAMN sight more with my healthcare than I do private money grabbing corporations (mind you, I am British and get treated free at point of use by the NHS, and NO, we dont have death panels, thats an outright GOP LIE, funded by your medical insurance companies).

      • Cathryn Sykes

        In the ACA, there is a section that states that there is a mandate for the government to pay the fee if a senior wants to discuss end-of-life issues, such as setting up a living will, with a doctor or lawyer. Im sure the propagandists of the 1% were searching the ACA before the ink even dried on the paper it was printed on, hoping for something like this…that they could twist into a mandate for seniors to talk to the government about ending their lives! Then Chuck Grassley, well-coached, Im sure, came out in public and wondered what would be next. Death panels for Grandma? And the Big Lie was launched.

      • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

        Theres also this which gives a look at the socialist care system in the Soviet Union.

    • ResidentOfMI

      How is an assault on EVERYBODYS personal liberties?

      Where is the government involved in your healthcare. Dont say the ACA (Im sure you call Obamacare)…because if you do….you have no clue.

      • Chris Beatty

        Abortion and pain medication to name 2.

    • dezaad

      You are the one who doesnt get it. Oklahoma didnt end State benefits and privileges that are accorded to people who are married. If they had, everything would be sunshine and roses. They made it so that the Clergy are in charge of deciding who gets those benefits, and that is entirely Unconstitutional. There will be a unanimous ruling by the US Supreme Court that this is Unconstitutional, even Scalia will vote this one down it is so obvious.

      • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

        You know its not like same-sex couples will be banned from marrying once again. They still will get a marriage certificate and all benefits associated with legal marriage. Its not quite what I wouldve wanted (I prefer civil unions available to anyone/everyone and marriage be strictly private and/or religious act), its a step forward in phasing the state out of marriage. The marriage state was established by the progressives in the US a century ago to ban interracial marriage and ultimately get in everybodys lives. This isnt redneck hillbillies Im talking about, these are figures like Woodrow Wilson (God of the modern left), Margaret Sanger and many others who were elitist white supremacists who advanced the power of the state on individuals.

        • To Engineer is Human

          I love how people make up astoundingly fantastic lies to push their agendas, hoping that no one will call them on it. In what way is Woodrow Wilson the god of the modern left what weird fortune cookie did that come out of ?

          • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

            Woodrow Wilson helped introduce the 16th amendment i.e. legal theft of wealth. And the Federal Reserve which is the biggest hidden tax increase in American history since the dollar has lost 96% of its value since the Feds introduction. He also was horrible on civil liberties arresting people who were singing German songs in public and reciting the Constitution at draft centers during WWI. Also getting us involved in WWI which was the stupidest war EVER to be fought. WORST PRESIDENT EVER (well not including the current asshat sitting in the Oval Office).

          • To Engineer is Human

            Wow, that was an amazing triple straw man. I note however that you did not answer the question, just tripled down on the lies. We have the appeal to statistics, the use of capitalization since you do not know how to express yourself with just words, and the ridiculous hyperbole. Yet not a single fact to back up your odd assertion that Wilson was the god of the modern left.

        • dezaad

          I am not mad about this as an LGBTQ issue. I am mad about this from an American stance. It is American to adhere to freedom of religion, and that is what this is about. Unbelievable

      • JWS

        It wont make any difference to the d-bags which came up with this law. The Supreme Court will overturn it and they will simply rewrite it with different language and pass it again, costing Oklahomans and the rest of American tax payers millions to get it overturned again. Why does Oklahoma keep electing these idiots? Do they just LIKE seeing their tax money spent on this nonsense?

    • russell conrad lewis

      While I dont want ANY organization in my bedroom, I would rather have the government than my Church in there.

      • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

        Theres a lesson Ive taken from the late and great George Carlin. Last Ill EVER do is trust the government on ANYTHING or ANY grounds.

  • Louis Janney

    Now all of the clergy from the Church of Dudeism can marry people.

  • http://avangionq.stumbleupon.com/ AvangionQ

    States have tried passing some insane bills before, they become temporary annoyances until they are enforced, appealed upon conviction, then get overturned in their inevitable Supreme Court challenges.

  • Cthulhu

    These theocratic Republican arseholes have really had the cheese slip off their cracker, havent they?

    • ThatOtherOne

      Dammit, now I want cheese and crackers.

  • Iowan

    Has Oklahoma become the new Mecca of Stupidity? It seems that so many of the most ridiculous political statements come from someone in Oklahoma,

  • Cathryn Sykes

    The GOP never bothers to worry about the possible consequences of their acts….this sounds as though you could literally create a church that would let you marry almost anyone…..or anything.

  • John Q. Public

    Why are they at war with gay marriage? Why do they care what other people do with their lives? How does that affect them? If a gay couple next door to me is only living together instead of married and living together, how does that change anything? Does that make them less gay? Jesus, I hate the Christian right… and not just for this reason.

    • Kyla Robbins

      I agree with you 100%. They CLAIM to be Christians but Christianity is against living in sin They dont seem to have a problem with gay couples living together. Hmmmm. And They claim to be christians but the bible says JUDGE NOT., yet they are very judgemental. I am tired of the bullshit. Why cant they live their lives and leave others to live theirs? They also try to say that gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of traditional marriage. MArriage isnt sacred anymore. Divorce is at a all time high. Wht is there to destroy?

      • Thom Lee

        Yes they do. They have a problem with gay period. They believe allowing sinning abominations to marry, makes a mockery of the holy sacrament of marriage.

    • cyber-commenter

      They basically just allowed gay marriage, what are you going on about?

  • Andy Browne

    How fitting from a state that allows for the use of a firing squad in legal executions

  • cezook

    While it might be nice to poke fun at the idiots, they do make us look bad to all civilized nations.

  • Britz

    I can hear the clamor in Utah now: Hey everybody! Pack your sh!t, were movin! Polygamys legal again!

  • callmebeerbaron

    OK is pulling even with TX and KS in the 2015 Ignorance Bowl! Will this be enough to put them over the top? Will Texas counter by replacing all science texts with a coloring book of Jeebus riding a dinosaur? Will OK outlaw the very idea of thinking? Tune in next week…

    • Jim Smith

      Too much beautiful in this statement.

  • Konaruki Hirasawa

    Sharia Law, GOP style.


    It seems that a little verisimilitude is in order here regarding the inaccurate implications of the authors article. The Oklahoma GOP-led legislature has passed a bill… Uhh, no, that is entirely incorrect. The state House of Representatives approved the bill, which still has to go before the state Senate where it will be quickly smacked down if the Senate even agrees to consider it, which they probably will not.

  • John Q. Public

    Guess what state Im never moving to?

    • Konaruki Hirasawa


      • John Q. Public

        I meant that rhetorically, but yes. You win. :)

        • Konaruki Hirasawa

          All the religious freedom you need is to put a sign that requires businesses to display anti-Christian bigotry. Then the GLBT can find these wah, Im a victim stores. Two birds with one stone.

  • JWS

    They MUST be drinking the fracking water to cause this much wide spread brain damage.

  • TeLin

    This is such a waste of time. :/ but what else is new?

  • TeLin

    Or at least have them pass a test detailing some basic amendments lol

  • Slithy

    Thats rubbish about Death panels in the UK. So maybe some people went abroad or private to get elective surgery a little quicker than they would under the NHS, but ALL emergency treatment in the UK it carried out by the NHS, indeed, its the NHS that has to pick up the pieces when the private health sector fcuks up. By the way, who do you think TRAINS the private health care workers in the first place, because it certainly isnt the private sector. Virtually all Consultant (Attending) physicians & surgeons in the UK private sector are working part time in that position in addition to their main work for the NHS, so youll be treated by the same doctor be it private or NHS. The only advantages to going private in the UK are that you may have your surgery slightly sooner (In fact your NHS consultant may well tell you that he can fit you in for surgery within a certain time frame, but that they can fit you in straight away in you go private). While this may save you some physical pain, it has to be balanced against the considerable pain that will be inflicted upon your wallet if you go private. Apart from that, about the only advantage is that youll probably get better food & a nicer room, but if anything goes wrong theyll expect the NHS to save you!

    • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

      Try talking to the Canadians who go abroad to get healthcare where they couldnt get it in their home country. Particularly those whove come down to the Surgery Center in Oklahoma since they started listing prices 5 years ago.

  • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

    No what I mean is that the state took control of it. Actually concept of the marriage state was first introduced during the French Revolution where up until that point it was mainly a private/religious ceremony. But then the socialist revolutionaries decided the state should be doing it. Then eventually progressive leftists decided to introduce that idea here in the US as a means of banning interracial marriage and control people ultimately. Now I dont mind something civil unions that leave marriage out of the equation and take care of legal matters. But I will never trust the government to take care of my marriage. Or on anything else for that matter.

  • JohnAbramson

    They are so concerned with what everyone else does in private, that they let the world turn to s**t, because of it. We are witnessing the power of stupidity………………………the most common element in this universe.

  • Joew

    Okay Im trying to get this straight. The First Amendment says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; So Oklahoma proposes a bill removing the states INTERFERENCE in what is, and always has been a religious institution. Isnt that a full-fledged SUPPORT of the 1st Amendment???? I havent seen the exact wording, but as per Mr. Tophers idea concerning just finding a church that agrees with what you want, assuming it is actually worded that way, how in the world could this be construed as an ATTACK on gay marriage? I would think that the bill would actually open the door. My opinion here is that Mr. Topher appears to be something of an idiot, and those of you making comments about the bill attacking gay marriage, did not actually think about what you read..

  • Mark Wester

    The point of my legislation is to take the state out of the process and
    leave marriage in the hands of the clergy, said state Rep. Todd Russ,
    R-Cordell, the bills House author. Marriage was historically a
    religious covenant first and a government-recognized contract second.
    Under my bill, the state is not allowing or disallowing same-sex
    marriage. It is simply leaving it up to the clergy.
    State Rep. Todd Russ

    So how does this manage to upset the left so much??? Good Lord!!

  • 2197_uxo_1

    You rant about something that doesnt exist in the Constitution, separation of church and state is nowhere to be found there.

  • Philnumber3

    This is hogwash. It takes the state out of the most personal decision most people make. It does NOT put it in the hands of religious leaders unless those who are seeking marriage in a religion want it. It keeps the ability for legal magistrates to conduct marriages. It only removes the couple needing government permission to marry. Liberals, sheesh; always wrong but never in doubt.

  • cyber-commenter

    The Republicans couldnt approve of gay marriage and get re-elected by their religious base, so they got the government out of the marriage business altogether. Brilliant political move. The author of the article is the idiot here.

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