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Only In America: Ammosexual Hurt When Bullet Ricocheted Off Back Of Armadillos Head

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at 2015.12.23
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Hunter of the year this man certainly is not.

KLTV reports that a man in East Texas was hospitalized early Thursday morning after a bullet hed fired at an armadillo ricocheted off the back of the armadillos head and struck him.

The man was taking potshots at the armadillo around 3 a.m. Thursday. Why was the man taking shots at an armadillo at three in the morning? Its Texas. Responsible gun owners abound in Texas.

The police were called to investigate reports of an accidental shooting when they found the man. Hed seen the animal on the freeway in the town of Marietta, Texas, according to the Cass County Sheriffs Department, and fired at it. The bullet struck, bounced off the back of the armored head, and hit the man. He was treated for minor injuries, while reports are unclear as to the condition the armadillo.

The investigation is ongoing at this time.

This is actually the second time this year an armadillo shooting has gone wrong. The first occurred in April, when a Georgia man took a shot at an armadillo and wound up hurting his mother-in-law. The bullet bounced off the armor and passed through a fence and into the mother-in-laws mobile home while she sat in a recliner. Her injuries were minor, but the armadillo was killed.

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    • Peter J Heaton

      another numbskull bites the dust!!!!!!!!! bahahahaha

    • pontfadog

      Lets rid the gene pool of idiots.!!!

    • Spawn_of_Santa

      We need Armadillo control now.

      But Im not buying the whole ricocheted off the dills head thing…thats just stupid.

      (He he, my wife grew up in Cass County)

      • Chitta Nirmel

        You look like you might be this idiots twin brother, O Spawn of Santa.

        • Spawn_of_Santa


    • http://religionandpolitics.org/ religion&politics

      Only in America, eh?

      Much better here than, say, the UK where it is now illegal to defend yourself: http://www.naturalnews.Com/049963_self-defense_government_dependence_United_Kingdom.html#

    • http://religionandpolitics.org/ religion&politics

      Any story with ammosexual in the title is sure to be juicy clickbait, right libturds?

      For any of you actually interested in the truth (a long shot on this site, I know), armadillos are (1) not bulletproof, and (2) carriers of disease. They are varmints just like raccoon, ground squirrels, and the like, and it is not illegal to shoot one.

      Sounds like this guy actually got hit by a ricochet off a rock instead of this animal, doesnt make him an ammosexual for trying to control the local varmint population. More cluelessness from the libturd crowd around here I guess.

      • Spawn_of_Santa

        Yeah, disease…they carry leprosy, which is curable with a shot today.
        Which is why you dont see leper colonies in the U.S. anymore.

        Disease is a lousy excuse to shoot at an armadillo. Digging up your tomatoes..thats a GOOD reason.

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