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Presidential Candidates Who Are Crazier Than Trump

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at 2016.04.30
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Donald Trump is worryingly becoming the ever-increasing favourite to be the next president of the United States.

At first, after hearing his arguably racist attitudes and controversial views, no one thought he had a chance at succeeding however, now that he is starting to get more and more of the people’s vote everyone is starting to think – could Trump actually do this?

This is a seriously worrying prospect and we can only hope that the people of America come to their senses before it is too late.

But the billionaire isn’t the first bonkers candidate to run for president. Wait until you get a load of these guys – they make Trump look tame!

From a clueless cat to a dramatic drag queen, the world would be a VERY different place if the following individuals made it into the White House.

Here are the craziest candidates of all time who ran for U.S president.

This guy guaranteed a pony for every American citizen…;


Even the keenest of horse lovers would probably admit this is a ridiculous, not to mention unrealistic statement. However, this is the promise Vermin Supreme made when he campaigned as a Democrat in 2012. He hoped to fight our “moral and oral decay” by promising a free pony to every American if elected. He also wanted to harness “the awesome power of zombies for energy sources” by dangling brains in front of zombies to lure them into turning turbines.

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