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Racist Windbags Fundraiser Fail; Tea Party Bigot Blames Libtards

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at 2015.12.21
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Drew Walker has updated his GoFundMe page, where hes asking patriots to cough up $3,500 so he can travel from coast-to-coast on a mission to remove President Obama from the White House. At least thats how it all began. There wasnt a lot of monetary support to physically remove the president from the Oval Office (folks might have sensed the Secret Service would get in his way, despite their recent embarrassments).

Today, Drews askin if you can donate whatever you can, so he can meet with veterans down on their luck, and we know that those men have gone thru the cracks in our country, and might need a lot of soldiering up.’ Well, thats great helping homeless vets is a laudable goal. Drew wants to thank a couple of patriots that donated fifty, a hundred bucks, twenty bucks … but thats not what Im askin. Actually, its difficult to know what hes asking, or even follow his train of thought on a good day. Getting rid of the president or helping vets? I know what was there earlier, but now the video introduction for this fundraising effort has been removed permanently.

Video removed by user

Id like to know which came first: the raging paranoia or the hatred? Its one thing to distrust authority and want to hold elected officials accountable. Every reasonable American should want that. Its another thing entirely to believe your personal fortunes are tied to a vendetta by some faceless federal boogeyman. In Drews case, the face belongs to the president, which is why hes on a mission.

On his Facebook page, the patriot fund helping vets becomes another story altogether. There, Drew reminds his patriots that hes putting about eight thousand dollars into this trip, and a lot of the other costs that Ive incurred, trying to get everything ready. Makes sense I guess food, gas and lodging for a cross-country mission to chase the Muslim menace from the White House might get expensive. Well thats not exactly what Drews been up to lately. Been busy all day boardin up my house, getting it ready , so I know, uh no crackheads and $#i% will be in my place when I get home. Oh, I see.

Drew also claims @ssh#&e libtards are the real problem.

Because were paying for their worthless @ss#s to sit at home and collect welfare and everything else, while the rest of us have to work, pay taxes, to feed their worthless @ss#s. And then you throw the f@%ing wetbacks in on it, and we gotta pay for them, too.

Send Drew your cash if you love Murica, patriots, because he really gets it Obamas f@%d us up to this point, and thats one of the reasons we need to get him out of office. Heres the complete message but only click if youre prepared to hear the truth, citizens.

Despite what Drew believes, President Obamas Veterans Jobs Corps helped vets unemployment numbers fall six points; homelessness declined twelve points between 2010 and 2011, but today as more troops muster home, the numbers are moving in the wrong direction. The number of young, homeless veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan has nearly tripled in the past two years. There are an estimated 58,000 homeless veterans seeking shelter on any given night in America and more than a million are considered at risk of becoming homeless.

Lets show Drew what real patriots do support THE SEMPER FI FUND. Dont let the name throw you off, they support all branches of military service, with 94% of all donations going directly to veterans; they specialize in rapid assistance with no red tape. Oohrah!

‘re bound to get idears if you go thinkin’ ’bout stuff.”
~ John Steinbeck

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  • http://Facebook Doren

    Anyone in there right mind know hes a CON MEN!

  • Francis

    This scumbag ought to be seized and kept inside a room with padded walls!

  • Hoz Holla

    Seeing skidmarks like this in their impotent rage makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. If we can keep them worked up in such a fury, WE ARE WINNING.

  • Brad

    So let me get this straight. The liberals are the ones whose

    worthless @ss#s sit at home and collect welfare and everything else, while the rest of us have to work, pay taxes, to feed their worthless @ss#s

    But yet he has the kind of time to beg for money online and travel across the country on someone elses dime? Hmmmmmmm


      By George, I think youve got it!

    • Harry

      It was the GOP who sent all those soldiers to war in 2 wars of choice. Iraq had nothing to do with the tragedies of 2001.
      Sitting home and collecting welfare? It was the Democrats who cut off welfare as it is described in the rant.
      What year and which universe do these people live in? Is it 1992? It shouldnt be surprising, since the Teabaggers named themselves that until they found out it had another meaning. Then they blamed the libtards for calling them the name they named themselves.

  • Phillip Brandt

    This moron needs a new career…hes lousy at being a con-man. Shoot the stupid SOB

    • richard

      I will pay to have the jerk spend 1 week in a padded wall room with draft dodger CHENEY and take bets that they become lovers LOL

  • Debra Curry

    Lmao…I dont want to work so give me your money so I can travel around the country and stir up fear and hate…sad thing is that a bunch of people will send $$$they need because they believe his con. I bet he takes the $$ and goes couch surfing at a friends house.

  • Bill

    Why cant these racist patriotards leave their video rants posted to we can all see how stupid they really are?

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