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Religious Affluenza: Sex Shop Owning Priest Busted For Running Meth Ring Asks For Leniency

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You just cant make this stuff up. Or as they say, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Currently in Connecticut a Roman Catholic Priest, Monsignor Kevin Wallin, who has become known as Monsignor Meth is going through sentencing for his conviction of running a crystal meth amphetamine ring. Even more startling is where the priest was running the ring out of-Namely, a sex/smoke shop.

Furthermore, Monsignor Meth OWNED the sex shop where the meth amphetamine ring was being run. It is suspected that he bought the shop to launder his profits from selling the meth.

One can only speculate as to why he chose that business vs. the many non-sexual choices in cash businesses there are out there, most of which would be much lower profile than a sex shop. But so far, no convictions have resulted in anything having to do with the shop. Although there have been reports of Wallin being caught previously having gay sex in the rectory. Also it is reported that Wallin was a frequent cross dresser during those episodes.

Wallin was busted in 2013 after selling the drugs which he received from a California distributor and sold to an undercover narcotics officer 6 times. Next week he is to be sentenced. And despite a pre-arranged plea deal, he is asking for leniency.

Wallin originally agreed to a plea deal that would include at least 10 years behind bars. Now, a week before final sentencing, his attorney is asking for a reduction in sentence to 4 years plus some community service in an attempt to rewrite the deal in the 11th hour.

His attorney is using some 80 letters of support for the priest, including one from the late Cardinal Egan to try to sway the judge. According to the defense, Wallins priestly goodness should entitle him to only do less than half of what is agreed upon. You know, religious affluenza.

Acoording to the defense, forget that he ran a meth ring. Forget that he ran the meth ring from a sex shop. Not one he patronized, one he owned. In fact, forget all that messy business having to do with priests and sex, including illicit sex altogether. And definitely forget that the shop was perhaps also a tool to launder money and perhaps had other less than honorable purposes for Monsignor Meth.

The defense only wants the judge to consider his day job. That he was a priest. And we all know priest = good guy, right? Wallins attorney also cited 3 decades of charitable service in the Monsignors defense. they believe he is just too good of a man to stick to the agreed deal!

Mafia Dons and gangster bosses give away turkeys every Thanksgiving. John Wayne Gacy was a good painter and was active in the community. Heck, O.J. did charity work in the area of domestic violence. None of that matters when talking about their crimes. This priest betrayed everyone around him. Most of his victims surely arent even known yet, and might not ever be. He did not serve his community, he used it.

Let us all hope Monsignor Wallin receives the sentence that he agreed to and not the one he and his attorney are trying to slip through in the 11th hour that they feel they are entitled to as sufferers of religious affluenza.

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  • BastetsMom

    Hope the judge does change the sentence. To life in prison!

    • Johann Popper

      Hypocrisy is not against the law.

      • cosmopolite

        But a judge is allowed to take the defendants posturing and hypocrisy into account when choosing a sentence.

  • Dot

    What!?!? What!?!? So much for the vow of poverty. Why is he still a priest? Why hasnt the church derobed him or whatever they do? Were they getting a cut? I thought priests didnt own things?

    • Linda Martin

      You need to study up on Catholic religion and how the priesthood works. Its more complicated than that. Its defrocked, not derobed. and were not were. Just look it up and read up on it before your next rant. You never know you might learn something.

      • sueNaustin

        What a difference in your response to Dot from mike953s response.

    • Tionia

      It all depends on what order they are with. Yes some do take a vow of poverty yet others are allowed to own property and other material items…

  • lakegirl1935

    You know he was always that way…didnt happen to him over night….that is probably the reason he even went into the priesthood for protection of the cloth…and people believe the ministers pastors and priest are ALL inately good…just s lie

    • Linda Martin

      Wolves in sheeps clothing……..

      • Johann Popper

        Yet, not as bad as Judas or the number of pedophiles caught of late, all things considered.

        I actually found this article quite refreshing from a media standpoint. Finally a glamorous crime, so to speak.

    • Johann Popper

      Quite frankly, it doesnt matter, since, according to Catholics, a priests powers have nothing to do with his personal quality. A doctor still has the power to save lives, even if he deals illegal drugs, or commits murder, or whatever.

      People love to fixate on other peoples failings, especially when they wrongly believe a special class of people are morally better than everyone else, which is not at all traditional Christian teaching about the priesthood. That is, in fact, a heresy. A priest is just a guy with a special job. Hes a spiritual janitor, really. He has a greater responsibility to behave according to the teachings of the Church, but no more ability to live up to that responsibility compared to everyone else.

      • Susan Ava

        BS The reason ppl wrongly believe Christians are a special class and morally superior is bc Christians & the Catholic Church have ALWAYS postured themselves as the worlds moral authority, and Catholic priests are supposed to be Gods representatives on earth. American Christians constantly work to force their agenda into politics, law, schools, dr.s offices everywhere they can and their justification for this is the false argument that religion will make us all more moral. THATS why we need to fixate on their failings to prove how wrong they are.

  • mattdl

    Please please please tell me he was kicked out of the church.

    • neil allen

      The Catholic priesthood is the perfect home for child rapists, drug dealers, and closet gays, all protected by other child rapists, drug dealers, and closet gays

  • mike953

    Dot, there is a difference between a Diocesan priest (promises obedience to the Bishop) and a Religious Order Priest. A Religious Order priest (Jesuit, Franciscan, Dominican, etc) takes a vow of poverty and cant own anything. A Diocesan priest does not take a vow of poverty and can own what they want. And the work you are looking for is defrock. Now, this Monsignor is still a criminal.

    • cosmopolite

      He indeed should be defrocked.

  • Mr. Sunshine

    A truly wise and compassionate judge should put the welfare of the public first and agree to void Monsignor Meths pre- arranged plea deal……and sentence him to 20 years.

  • Connie Jennings

    Lots of gay hookups both for fun and profit at those book stores.

    • neil allen

      the perfect Catholic priest hangout

  • jim6661

    His sentence should be increased to the death penalty.

  • Tionia

    I think they should give him more time for asking to change the agreement!

  • Tionia

    You do know that not all priests are like that right? Many would marry at the drop iof a hat if the rules were changed. Many men had wonderful loving relationships with women before becoming priests… Youre sterotyping…

  • Frank C.

    The reason this is news is because the Catholic Church is so judgmental of others. When we hear stories like this or about priests sexually abusing children, the Church goes into denial and cover up mode! This is news because the Catholic Church are hypocrites!

  • http://All-len-All.com/ Nick Vanocur

    This is the rock I build my church upon.

    • neil allen

      in the case of the Catholic church, its a rock of Chrystal meth

  • Mike

    he doesnt deserve 10 years in jail with murderers and rapists…. or potheads?
    Before this hard drug dealer gets a lenient sentence, theyd better let marijuana convicts out of prison.
    His crime is FAR WORSE than that of many people.
    You are crazy to minimize selling meth with isnt good for people but the individuals who use it hurt themselves when they do.

  • Morgan OBrien-Bledsoe

    This man should be excommunicated and sentenced to prison for longer then 10 years

  • http://facebook.com/erniewimpolman Gloverboy6

    Defense attorneys (and this guy) are the scum of the Earth.

  • Darryl Dickens

    Your right, you dont know everything about him either but what is know is indefensible. So knock it off weve got laws and rules that hes been more than willing to take advantage of as well as the people he has negatively touched.

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