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Seal Bullied In Violent Racist Attacks…Because Hes Black (IMAGES)

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Human beings arent the only species on this planet with a tendency to behave cruelly to racial minorities. Workers at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary recently received a rescued seal from the Isles of Scilly, found isolated and apparently mistreated by his fellow seals on account of his rare skin pigment. Affectionately known as Badger by his rescuers at the sanctuary, the seal pup is making a speedy recovery from multiple injuries at his new, albeit temporary, home in Gweek, Cornwall. Notwithstanding any serious setbacks, Badger should be released back into the wild sometime in March.

"Badger" Image: Cornish Seal Sanctuary http://www.sealsanctuary.co.uk

Badger, a recently rescued infant seal with an unusual skin pigment. Image: Cornish Seal Sanctuary http://www.sealsanctuary.co.uk

At first, caregivers didnt know why the young seal had become abandoned, but as he began to shed his fuzzy, gray coat they discovered that the seal possessed a fairly rare trait: jet black skin.

As "Badger" began to molt, caregivers discovered his rare pigment. Image: Cornish Seal Sanctuary http://www.sealsanctuary.co.uk

As Badger began to molt, caregivers discovered his rare pigment. Image: Cornish Seal Sanctuary http://www.sealsanctuary.co.uk

Team Supervisor, Tamara Cooper, explains in an interview with The Mirror:

Black pups are very rare in the south of England and are more usually found among the Scottish population. We havent had a black pup in our care since 2007 so we love being able to have this opportunity to care for him.

Team members at the sanctuary were able to surmise that Badgers unusual pigment had caused him to be abandoned by his family and bullied by other seals. He was found with an ulcerated eye, as well as an assortment of scars. Cooper also noted that upon intake, he had an infection and was struggling to feed himself.

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary estimates that it can cost up to 1,000+ to rescue and rehabilitate a seal. Persons interested in donating, or sponsoring a seal, can do so here. The Sanctuary has over 55 years of experience in rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing seals back into the wild.

Featured Image: Seals official Facebook page

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