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Seeing Quadruple: When Identical Twins Marry

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Wouldnt they be confused by each others spouses?

What happens, if by some bizarre twist of fate, two sets of identical twins find each other, fall in love, and get married?

People are likely to get the quadruple vision effect when identical twins and their identical twin spouses walk down the street.

While this occurrence doesnt happen very often, identical twins do fall for another set of the opposite gender, and they can end up tying the knot.

These are called quaternary marriages, and there are only 250 of these unions in the world.

Take identical twins Ginna and Gaylen Glassdock, for example. They met Erich and Nicholas Schmidt while attending Abilene Christian University. It was instant chemistry for both pairs when they started dating, causing a lot of stares on campus. The Schmidt boys proposed to the Glassdock girls on the same day, after exactly three years of dating, and they walked down the aisle on the same day, as well, except their ceremonies and receptions were an hour apart, owing to the brides different motif preferences.

Ginna and Gaylen with Erich and Nicholas. Which is which?

0917 identical twins

Photo credit: Oddee.com

Twins, Alexei and Dimitry Semyonov hitched their futures with identical females, Lilia and Liana in Pechora, Russia after having met at a dance party in a St. Petersburg club. With the brides both preferring the color pink, both couples were married at the same time, and hosted the same reception, saving money on a single, towering pink cake.

The single cake felt very lonely in this double wedding.

0917 identical twins2

Photo credit: Odee.com

On the other hand, two Chinese twins married another set, and promptly went about the business of running a restaurant, confusing their customers in a big way. The place was dubbed the robot couple restaurant after it seemed the same husband and wife were hard at work on the premises nearly 24 hours a day, with hardly a minutes rest. Unbeknownst to the diners, what appeared to be only one couple, was actually two couples taking two shifts a day!

Even their sons look identical.

0917 identical twins3

Photo credit: Oddee.com

If you are one of a set of identical twins, do you dream of this kind of setup, as well?

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