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She Looks Like The Other Girls On The Street, But She Has A Tragic Secret

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at 2016.02.08
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Whenever we get mad at our siblings, we call them every offensive name imaginable just to get back at them. You may have called your brother or sister a parasite during one of your sibling conflicts.

Its just an expression of course, but in the case of 17-year old Workitu Debebet, calling her sibling a parasite can be literal. You see, Workitu had a twin sibling that was growing out of her, a human parasite, if you will.

Workitu looks just like a regular 17-year old.


Photo credit: kenh14.vn

The teenager from Ethiopia realized that she was different from other girls when she changed clothes next to someone for the first time.

When we got changed, we saw each others bodies for the first time and I realized I had a big problem, Workitu narrated.

Her parasitic twin had two arms and two legs and was fused to her pelvis. She knows she needed surgery back then, but she came from a poor family and there was no way they can afford it.

Her parasitic twin was growing out of her.


Photo credit: studiojotacastor.blogspot.com

Hers was a rare condition, even rarer than Siamese twins or conjoined twins, according to Dr. Eric Gokcen, Medical Director at Cure Hospital. Luckily for Workitu, a team of expert surgeons agreed to perform the procedure to separate her from her unborn twin.

Workitu recovered easily from the procedure and is now happy with her life. Doctors told her she can even have children of her own someday.

Watch this video about Workitus bizarre condition.

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