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Soldier Doesnt Tip Server, Writes This Conceited Message On Receipt (IMAGES)

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A receipt from Red Robin, left by a soldier is causing major controversy on the internet after it was posted online recently. If youre a veteran, current military member, a server at a restaurant, or heck, anyone really, we are warning you in advance, the following message isnt pretty.

Instead of leaving the tip portion blank, the armed forces member decided to put a big, fat zero, and wrote the following note for the server:

My tip is the freedoms I provided you while serving my country. Youre welcome for my service.

Pic via Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel

Pic via Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel

Now, its not entirely clear if the person who wrote this is still active duty or a veteran, but thats really besides the point.

Probably the only thing worse than this, is, well this, but on Veterans Day. At least once every year restaurants and servers everywhere, provide free meals to military and in the process receive very little tips. And, this is the thanks they get?

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  • Steve Anderson

    As an Infantry Veteran myself, I will say, this soldier is a scumbag. Your time in service does not buy you the right to basically steal someone elses livelihood.

    • Kenneth Henderson

      Im a veteran from the first Gulf War (US Navy Machinist Mate 2nd class) and I too, am disgusted by this soldier. If this person truly served his country, then he would be grateful for the civilians who stayed behind to keep things going while he was away. What a douchebag. FYI, this soldier doesnt represent the majority of vets out there. We are grateful for what people do, even if its mundane. To all the waiters/waitresses/cooks/dishwashers/host and hostesses. THANK YOU!

      (Btw, does anyone know the name of the business or the server who was stiffed? Ill gladly send a 100% tip to make up for this soldier ungratefulness.)

      • David Stephenson

        Stayed behind to keep things going? Exactly how large of a war do you think we were in?

        • Kenneth Henderson

          Im talking about people who do everything to keep this country going. Whether were at war or not. What kind of ludicrous question are you asking?

        • Kenneth Henderson

          Large enough where several thousand unnecessary deaths happened, fighting for corporate greed and profit. Does that answer suffice?

          • Vikings53

            I have to agree with David S. Im a Vietnam vet. As compared to the other wars we fought in the 20th century, these wars were small potatoes. Its NEVER a good thing when we lose our service people fighting in another country. Especially for no good reason. We also have the lowest precentage of our population serving in the military in a very long time. So to say they stayed behind to keep things going, is pretty ridiculous. As far as fighting for corporate greed goes, virtually every war weve fought since the Civil War have been for corporate greed.

          • Cathryn Sykes

            Please…. The only person he stiffed was the server….I note that he had no problem paying the $40 to the restaurant, owned by a giant corporation that, I presume, also benefits from the freedom he provided.

          • Kyndal A. Wilmoth

            Right on

        • Patsfan MDW

          The correct term is are not were seeing as we still have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also just incase you are no aware. The first Iraq war happened before I joined the Navy in Sep of 91 and I spent 2 deployments off the coast of Kuwait in 94 and 97 so yes these wars have been going on that long. Just because there is a small amount of time between conflicts with the same country does not mean the war is over. Also officially as a retired Navy veteran I am disgusted at this kids attitude. This dude needs to realize just because he served does not make him the center of the universe. I would not be surprised at all to find out that this dude either never served or just served here in some sort of support aspect and never actually had to leave his family during his time. Most of us that know sacrifice would never treat people in this way. We would just be thankful to be back and eating out. Thats just my opinion.

        • Gail Weaver

          Did it every occur to anyone that maybe the server was a spouse of a service member staying behind to keep the home going by trying to make a living? WTF people.

      • Charlie

        At the bottom of the receipt it says Red Robin. I would take the approval number and try to track it down since what ever card he used gave that the authorizing number. Also he signed it and that info could be used too.

        • Kenneth Henderson

          Thank you Ill look into it after the weekend. Have a good one! :)

    • TomKi

      I would call it a minor mistake. And I feel for anyone who served. Too many of you were hurt and it was wrong.

      • Nancy Rathke

        A DELIBERATE minor mistakeis it still minor?

  • Daniel Bjorkman

    Some time Id really like to get a run-down of just what those freedoms (always that awkward plural) are that supposedly must be defended by sending soldiers overseas to kill people. Am I honestly supposed to believe that frequent bombings of the Middle East is all thats keeping Sharia law from being declared in North American countries?

  • http://spiritnewsdaily.com/ Donovan Moore

    The last time American soldiers gave us freedom was in WWII. Since then, all the wars have been nothing but corporate affairs for geopolitical reasons.

    • dogjudge

      While I appreciate your sentiments, if you think that while I was in Pleiku for a year that I didnt feel as if I was fighting for this countrys freedom. Youre sadly mistaken.

      The comment is MORE than insulting.

      • Danielzinho

        What you were brainwashed into feeling and the truth dont always coincide. See religion.

      • http://johnstephendwyer.com/ John Stephen Dwyer

        Hey dogjudge, you want the world to respect you because you FELT like you were fighting for this countys freedom? When I was a little kid, I went on a ride at Disney World that FELT like I was on a mission to Mars. Guess what? I wasnt, but according to your logic, Im an astronaut, and everyone should respect me for exploring Mars for them.

        • dogjudge


          #1 After the war, ex-Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which LBJ and him used as justification to expand the War in Vietnam, was a lie. I thought that America would never allow that type of thing to happen again. I was wrong.
          #2 The war was sold to Americans as fighting against Communism. i.e. Keeping the US free. That was a lie, especially in view of Vietnam and Southeast Asia now, but it doesnt change the fact that it was sold to keep the US safe.
          #3 MOST importantly. When I got back, in addition to my regular job, I was on the Honor Guard. We had ONE job. Burying people who had died in combat.

          So jerk off. Until youve stood at a couple of dozen grave sites watching the families who have died in combat, keep your jerk off remarks to yourself.

          Yep. Folks such as you are real brave until the bullets fly. Then you pee in your pants.

          • Punkandglamour

            Listen I understand you sacrificed and put yourself at risk for a lie.

            I didnt put myself in danger. I didnt WANT to be near bullets, thats why Im not a cop or a soldier. You dont get to call me a coward because I had the good sense to pick a career that doesnt involve gunfire.

            I didnt GO to a war zone, and I dont support people sending soldiers to fake wars over money. I support you for the sacrifice you made, but I do not support our government for sending you. So you dont get to call me a coward for saying that the war they sent you to was bogus, and the several thousand other dead and now damaged US soldiers whose lives and families are devastated… there should be hell to pay for causing that much harm. There should be hell to pay by OUR government to people like you, who were used for nefarious reasons.

            Dont attack me for not believing in the lie, stand up against the people who caused you harm. Who sent you to fight for something no one believes in.

          • dogjudge

            The war was sold to America that if we didnt stop the Communists in Vietnam theyd be here.

            So dont tell me that we didnt fight for American freedoms.

            BTW. Since I addressed my post to John (Stephen Dwyer), what makes you think it was addressed to you?

          • Pal Whatapal

            So what youre saying if you went to war to fight for our freedom when we already have freedom you were fighting for more freedom? I call that brain washed. We have less and less because of the war each year because of our government and corruption. Now, what did you fight for?

          • Julie Webb

            You poor delusional farktard. I bet youre christian too

          • Cherokee Ugidali

            its an open forum. guess what? anyone can answer it. and you are a douche. You sold out, dont kill the messengers.

          • Alan Batterman

            On Tuesday evening, April 29, 1975 (US time) I watched on TV as a tank entered the grounds of the Presidential Palace, a man got out and hoisted a NLF flag, and Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City. And my freedom was not diminished one iota. You may have been brainwashed into thinking you were fighting for American freedom, but you were fighting for an apeshit adventure by the cowboys in Washington. Did you actually believe that ridiculous Domino Theory? And the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a phony as a $3 bill.

          • Brian


          • martin woyzeck

            dogjudge- Your comments are addressed to anyone you think is a coward because we were more intelligent to not go to war.
            You keep saying the war was sold …….theyd be here. It was sold to those who believed it. Sorry, not the more intelligent ones fault that you so many were duped. You need to stop using that sentence, as it makes you lose credibility.
            Its exactly the same as politicians (both dems and repubs) saying we were lead to believe there were weapons of mass destruction, thats why we all signed the ok to go.
            Most of those politicians have higher degrees and credentials, how come I knew it was wrong right away?
            And honestly, how naive can people be to believe if we didnt stop them, theyd be here. It wasnt the mysterious world communist organization. it was the North Vietnamese who were communists, and were taking over all of Vietnam.
            This was not like the Germans or Japanese, there was no plan to take over the world. It was a civil war. There was no intention to take over other countries.
            So, all of that is bogus. It wasnt the communists. It was the North taking control of the whole country,and yes under a communist system.
            The whole communist boogeyman from Americans is an entire other story. Its embarrassing Americans communist paranoia.
            I happen to work and live part time in America, and the rest of the time in Asia, predominately S.E.Asia.
            Vietnam happens to be quite the happening place. Didnt seem like they did so bad under communist rule. Honestly I dont see much difference between all the countries there. Tons of corruption, poverty, greed, racism,etc. In all Asian countries. Theres little difference between Thailand, which is not communist and Vietnam, same good attributes, same problems.

          • The Reader

            I was with you until it doesnt look like Vietnam did so bad under communist rule. Are you speaking of North Vietnam or South Vietnam. The South is not under communist rule; the North is, and all they have is a young kid leading them who is building up his army at the expense of the people. Not much difference, really?!!

          • Mike

            Say what? Theres one Viet Nam now, and its a communist country. You dont live on this planet or what?

          • bitterandhappy

            AH, I think you are referring to North Korea versus South Korea. Is this the best our public schools can do nowadays?

          • zerosumgame0005

            sorry, only idiots bought into that pack of lies.

          • The Reader

            Anyone responding to your comments, dogjudge, is too young to know about the Draft. If they bring it back, the John Dwyers and Punkandglamours will know about it soon enough. All they know is the anger they feel towards the people who sent you and other Americans to war and, of course, the reasons they gave for sending you. You dont need to defend your time in Vietnam. In fact, those guys should be apologizing for the way the people, who didnt go, treated you when you returned. No recognition of sevice. No thank you. No anything.

          • martin woyzeck

            Well said punkandglamour. Vets always throw that out, various lines like until youve been in gunfire, seen dead people,etc……
            I always put the real heroes as the ones protesting wars, governments, or who refuse to serve a fake war. Its usually a faux patriotism.
            Many volunteered to go to war during WW2, because everyone knew they truly were protecting their families, country,etc.

          • Mike

            Its like this little friend, in 1968 you either were drafted or you headed for Canada. And, I never saw dead people from 10,000 feet, but Im sure I made my share.

          • mojones1

            When you smugly lecture a Viet Nam vet that you had the good sense to pick a career that doesnt involve gunfire you ignore the fact that thousands of young men were given no choice. They were drafted, forced to serve in Viet Nam and then were treated like crap when returning. None were referred to as heroes. The surviving vets now are struggling with diseases that were caused by Agent Orange and are being denied, or delayed and stonewalled by the VA for needed benefits that were promised to them. You might want to change your tone a bit rather than brag about your superior life choice. You got lucky, thats all.

          • K Fernstrom

            One of the things that you need to understand Punkandglamour, is that many of these guys DID NOT choose to go either. They were drafted. They would be jailed or exiled to another country if they DID NOT go. Today we have an ALL volunteer military, something that the fighting these people did gained for you. All of the people who went to war even against their own better judgement, who protested against the war and the draft, all of those who stood up (including the 4 civilians at Kent State) and said NO MORE, requiring our boys to fight in a war they dont believe in…made it possible for YOU to CHOOSE not to go into a war zone. For that and many other freedoms you have the only thing you should say is Thank you.

          • Jane Jessee

            You enjoy the freedoms that service members have afforded cowards like you and have no appreciation for their service or the sacrifice of their families!!! Yep, you are grade A #1 COWARD!!!!

          • martin woyzeck

            Dogjudge So you admit we were wrong being in Vietnam, as well as all other so called wars.
            …….doesn;t change the fact …sold to keep US safe.l. Well that sentence is the problem. One is the phrase it doesnt change the fadt. Since the whole thing was a lie (just like WMD),not much were facts, at all.
            The ones that got hit hard during that period as un-Americans were the ones protesting , as they were smart enough to know it was wrong. And there were protesters who died, were put in jail,etc. for what? Because they were fighting for what was right. To get our troops out of there.
            So, whenever a vet says stuff like until youve stood at a couple of dozen gravesites……blah…blah…… it has very little meaning. Because whos fault was it that they died? It is not those who were against the war whose fault it was.
            This is why I feel its vets who need to keep their remarks to themselves.
            As they talk in circles and double talk.
            Maybe its just that some are not stupid enough to be where bullets are flying.

          • dogjudge

            Try talking to your uncle and nephew and telling them theyre wasting their lives. I want to be there when it happened.

            While Vietnam was GOING ON, no one knew that it was all BS.

            They KNEW it was wrong? Really? How? The information didnt come out until after the war. The draft didnt give you a lot of options frined.

            Protesters died? I BURIED about 24 airmen. That was me. Nearly 60,000 died. Now PROVE to me how many protesters died.

            Yeah, youre brave. While W, etc. were trying to sell their BS, I realized early on that it was BS. I was DOING things to try to stop it. You?

            . . . stupid enough. Again. DRAFT. Military. Jail. Canada. ALWAYS easy to TALK about choices when you dont have to make them.

            You truly are scum.

          • Mike

            Noooooo, plenty of men in my squadron knew that the Gulf of Tonkin was a load of it.. We did the job, flew the aircraft, and hopefully came home. Plenty of us knew it was a load from the git.

          • bitterandhappy

            Excuse me! I was a teenager when Viet Nam was going on, and I certainly knew it was wrong, just a way for war contractors to make billions, and that OUR government was corrupt. Somehow you missed the MILLIONS of citizens who marched against the war, including little old ladies and church congregations. In fact, most of the large marches did not fit any government propaganda about hippies being the only traitors. I assume that serving in Viet Nam, your news was very strictly censored so you knew nothing about this. Nonetheless, you had to be pretty thick in the head to not know, when I knew as a mere teenager what was going on.

          • dogjudge

            WOW. Genius of the year award.

            I didnt miss anything.

            McNamara didnt admit that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a lie until AFTER the war was OVER. So dont tell me that everyone KNEW that the government was corrupt, etc. Thats BS.

            So genius. How did you know, when the majority of Americans didnt know?

            Gulf of Tonkin was the deciding factor in escalating the war. NOTHING else.

          • Max

            Quite simply, you have absolutely no argument that you fought for anybodys freedom. Lives were lost, and nothing whatsoever was gained.

          • dogjudge

            Yeah. We just simply went there to try to be killed.

            The ONLY one who has no argument are people such as yourself.

          • Mike

            While I agree to most of your statements in principal, I think you need to ratchet back your rhetoric a couple of clicks.

        • Carla Allison Thomas

          John, Pleiku is in Vietnam. There was a U.S. Air Force Base there during the war. Not exactly Disney World. Please reread dogjudges post.

          • Alan Batterman

            Which there should not have been. Eisenhower canceled elections in 1956 and got the US into an unnecessary war. We should now dismantle the motherfucking empire and cut military spending by 90%. Disney World may have been a poor analogy, but the fact is that those in Vietnam, whatever they thought, were not fighting for our freedom.

          • dogjudge


            Tell that to everyone who served.

          • Canajeneh

            In fairness, a lot of people posting here seem to forget that many if not most of the people who served in the Vietnam war were drafted it was either go to war or go to Canada (unless you were really rich in which case you went to Paris to do missionary work among the French heathens). Many of them disagreed with the war, many of them protested against it, and many of them died anyway.
            The guy who wrote that stupid comment on the receipt was an a**hole but, regardless of what you think, soldiers dont start the wars, they arent idiots, and not serving is no badge of intelligence or courage either Ted Nugent, anyone? Regardless of the reasons why wars are started (oil), there never seems any difficulty in selling them to the public so blame the politicians who start them (but rarely go themselves or send their kids), the entrepreneurs and media who benefit from them (also no serving), and the idiots who keep voting for more of them, but dont blame the soldiers. And, please, no without soldiers nonsense because, without soldiers, what you would have in war zones is more Blackwater.

          • martin woyzeck

            Uh Carla, you may need to re read Johns post. He was making an analogy ,using disneyworld, if Im not mistaken. I think everyone got dogudges post

        • The Reader

          Go ahead and be sarcastic, John Stephen Dwyer, but the guys who went to Vietnam were DRAFTED. The draft didnt give anyone a choice, and back then, Americans believed we wouldnt fight in a war unless it was to defend our country. Look how brainwashed people are today, and you should back off the idea that dogjudge wasnt fighting for his country. He was. He wore the uniform and may not have chosen to put it on, but he did and hundreds of Americans died in Vietnam defending the freedom of a poor nation from dictatorship. That was then, and not much has changed since (except now there is no Draft)..

          • dogjudge

            Simple reply to all of those who are unaware of history.

            Not only were people drafted, but people enlisted for a variety of reasons. You know. Those who enlisted in the Coast Guard (no offense meant to them).

            Then you had those with political connections such as George W. Bush who were able to get into the National Guard (Which is handled totally different today than it was then. Then you werent going off to war. You stayed in the US.) He was there for ONE reason and ONE reason only. To not go to Vietnam.

            Phrase it any way you want, the vast majority of those who fought in Vietnam were little more than slaves sent by the rich so the rich could make money.

            And speaking of unaware of history. It wasnt until AFTER Vietnam was over that McNamara admitted to the country that the Gulf of Tonkin was a ruse.

            Fighting for the countrys freedom? Primarily trying to stay alive. BUT, we WERE there. Until youve had to duck a bullet, or bury a new friend, dont give me your righteous BS.

            You were all out there protesting Ws fake war. Right? I doubt it.

          • bitterandhappy

            Excuse me! The government in South Viet Nam was a dictatorship, a puppet regime friendly to the USA. Try again.

      • jeebs3000

        As the brother of a retired US Army Col. and the uncle of a West Point cadet I will tell you that being a member of the worlds most powerful VOLUNTEER military does not entitle you to diddly but perhaps a thanks for your service. You, however, can thank us taxpayers for your training, equipment, room, board, pension and the G.I. Bill- not that were looking for it. Also, my nephew he does not have to pay for his elite education and in fact gets PAID by taxpayers to attend this is true of all the military academies. Go pick your scab with this douche of a vet somewhere else.

        • dogjudge

          Might want to get your facts straight.

          I never asked for anything from you, much less a thank you. I could give a ****.

          Okay moron. Without the room and board, training, equipment, etc. YOUD have to put your rear end on the line instead of letting the other guy do it. Your brother and nephew served NOT you. You deserve what you gave to the country. NOTHING.

          . . . us taxpayers . . .? Heres a clue for you. Unless youre in a combat zone, being in the military means you STILL pay taxes.

          Retirement. Majority in the military do NOT retire from it, etc.

          • Lara Naylor

            Hey Dogudge, Im not an American and Im probably going to get flamed for posting this but thank you. Thank you for standing up and doing what you believed was right for your country. Its easy for all the nay sayers to have a go at you but a least you made a stand. I dont agree with the politics of Vietnam, or Iraq or Afghanistan but my beef is with the politicos who put their own interests above that of anyone else and use brave people like yourself as cannon fodder. I stand with you on this and wish more civilians would.

          • Alan Batterman

            No, without the room & board, training, equipment, etc.; nobody would have to go and fight a war that had absolutely nothing to do with our freedom or the defense of this country. Vietnam and Iraq were terrible wastes of blood and treasure.

          • dogjudge


            Agreed about Vietnam and Iraq being a waste. Iraq is a different situation because there isnt a draft.

            Vietnam didnt give most of us a lot of options.

            That the true information didnt come out until after Vietnam was over doesnt change what we felt when we were there.

            Since you feel this was such a waste (and again we should be out of every place over there), try going to a funeral for someone who died and tell their families how their deaths were for nothing.

          • martin woyzeck

            dgjudge The old unlees youve served, or your nephew served not you , just continues to be lame, weak and with zero substance. Those that served did nothing more than anyone with any job. It was a job…period. No one owes vets anything. And the one who posted that it is us taxpayers who paid for everyone in the military, education when you got out, pensions,etc. is true. Its the other way around, military should bow down to the taxpayers .Im so sick and tired of you boring john wayne, ,cowboy Ive served, have you bullshit. You need to get a life

          • dogjudge

            Martin you really dont understand that the military keeps your rear end safe.

            Try moving to Iraq and see how well they protect you. If it wasnt for the US military, youd be dead, or in jail.

            Try it some time. And call me so I can watch you pee in your pants the first time things start to get rough.

            You dont DESERVE the freedoms you have.

          • martin woyzeck

            Oh please dogjudge, youre showing your ignorance.
            Its always ignorant to make assumptions of others you dont know.
            For one, Im pretty sure Ive lived and worked in many more countries than you have visited.
            And what you have was from the narrow eyes of a soldier.
            The military doesnt teach you to think for yourself, they teach you to take orders.
            Im currently working in Asia, I have worked in the Middle East, I know how it functions.
            You evade the point. Have no desire to live in any Middle East country. Stop talking in black and white.
            Dont tell me I dont understand, when its obvious I and others understand considerably more than you do.
            Thats military brainwashing to believe if it wasnt for the U.S. military Americans would be dead or in jail. What b.s.. What a stupid, embarrassing statement to make.
            Why dont you try it sometime living in other countries, to get an idea how others live. you wouldnt be able to handle it.
            Talk about peeing your pants, Im sure youd crap your pants in any dangerous situation.
            Never said any of the Middle East was a great place to live, that has nothing to do with your stupid comments of being dead or in jail. ,or that the military has given Americans any freedoms except in your small mind.
            Again, the reality is WW2 is the last time we, and other countries were in actual danger of being taken over, and /or threatened.
            Btw, Ive worked as a p.i. all over the world,
            Im sure Ive been in more dangerous situations than you. Im sure youd crap your pants in the situations Ive been in.
            So much for your idiotic assumptions, of what you dont know.
            You dont even know what freedoms you have in America, much less deserve any of them. What a moron.

          • dogjudge

            Totally irrelevant #1. Secondly. Im 67. Currently run my own businesses. Prior to that Ive worked for European companies. Ive been in numerous European countries and in every state/province in NA. That also is irrelevant. I LIVED in a WAR ZONE for a year. Until youve done that, you have ZERO idea what its like. Why dont you try it sometime living in a WAR ZONE, to get an idea how others live. YOU wouldnt be able to handle it. (You said it better than I could have.)

            You keep talking about LIVING places. Living somewhere and being in a WAR ZONE are two entirely different things. Youve been in more dangerous situations . . . Well, then apparently youve had your life in jeopardy a bunch of times. So youve had your life in jeopardy for more than a year. Sure you have (dripping sarcasm).

            Apparently, reading comprehension isnt one of your strong suits. As I said, there werent a lot of options.

            The war (which Congress never declared) was NEVER justified. That didnt mean we still didnt have to go. Something you obviously dont understand. Didnt choose to go to jail, or Canada.

            Dont deserve American freedoms? A lot more than you do scumbag.

          • martin woyzeck

            You guys somehow think that only if you were a soldier that you know what youre talking about. That you experienced crapping your pants. I know plenty of foreign journalists that have seen it all, much more than you. It doesnt matter that they werent doing the fighting, but more important that they saw , observed it. I have been in the middle of what was considered war zones. One in particular, where I was living in the middle of it during one of Thailands coups, the red shirts fighting the military,and government. It was on my street. The red shirts hijacking city buses, throwing molov cocktails into the buses, a major mall being blown up that made the twin towers look like kids play,etc. There was daily shooting right outside my door. Curfew was 2:00 in the afternoon. The city of Bangkok looked like a ghost city.
            Now again, youve got me giving you credentials. Im only doing that as you keep making moronic assumptions.
            I really dont care, and it means nothing, what youve done and seen, or what Ive done and seen. Thats the point. Its about knowing what is right or wrong.
            It is only loser, scumbags who continue making assumptions of others, as it usually means you havent done jacksh…t. The first time you saw action, you probably pissed your pants, went crazy and got a discharge. Its usually those types that then decades later make themselves look like theyre some kind of heroes. But we all see through your scumbag b.s.

          • martin woyzeck

            You tell me where youve been ,what youve done, and then say but it s irrelevant. I agree that credentials are irrelevant, that is my whole point with your b.s.. Its irrelevant what youve done,where youve been, and that includes having served. Ive said that Ive lived in a war zone, and it is irrelevant. But you continue to say until youve lived in a war zone… or to live in the Middle East.. It has nothing to do with it. War is bad and wrong, and we havent been in one that was protecting Americans or American soil for many decades. That is the point. Everything else youre saying is irrelevant and complete bullshit

          • The Reader

            Lucky you. Youve lived to tell veterans how they were doing a job that isnt as big a deal as yours. Stay in Asia and make your big bucks (which is the main reason people like you are over there), but dont compare your decision to go make money to a soldiers order to go defend and die representing the US. There is no comparison.

          • martin woyzeck

            I always have to laugh whenever someone says others dont understand, merely because they disagree. Know the difference dogjudge. I obviously understand far better than you do

      • Henry Cohn

        To me (speaking as one who served in the US Army but not in a war zone) this is not a black or white issue. Clearly, the fact that the US has a strong military that is ready and willing to defend the Nation certainly helps to protect the US from those who might try to take away our freedoms.

        Yet, on the other hand, many of the wars fought throughout our history were of a highly questionable nature and may have done little or nothing to protect our freedoms. Ill let historians argue if such wars as in Viet Nam or Iraq actually responded to an actual threat against Americas freedom, and if they did more harm than good. But any fault belongs to the political leadership who got us into such wars. Those who were ready and willing to serve deserve our gratitude, regardless of the merits of a particular engagement.

        Having said that, I do not think it is proper for one who served to say I provided you freedom and therefore claim the right to be exempt from treating others properly or fairly. On last years Veterans Day I brought a copy of my honorable discharge certificate to a nice restaurant and enjoyed a free rib lunch (I had to pay for my beverage and dessert). But I gave the server a tip based on the full menu price of the entire meal I enjoyed. Cheating an underpaid worker is not what I signed up to defend.

      • martin woyzeck

        Im most that have served have put their own lives in danger, and I feel for anyone that does. But the belief your leaders brainwashed soldiers to that they were doing it for their country is just false. I do not, nor most people blame you dogjudge or any other soldier, but its a reality that we as Americans were wrong in being in every war since WW2. We shouldnt have been (and lost) in Korea, Vietnam, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan,etc.
        The vets I respect are the ones that have admitted this.
        What is insulting is making people believe that their freedoms were saved because of military intervention.

        • dogjudge

          brainwashed soldiers Ask your uncle and nephew if they have a CHOICE whether they get to go, or not.

          I agree with your comments about not being involved in anything since WW II. Not in ONE of those conflicts (which Congress has never declared as a war (what does that tell you.), was the US in any danger.

          So how many times have you been out there protesting? Donating to those against the war, or is it simply words for you? (Me. Vietnam Veterans Against the War)

          There are a lot of other ways to fight this. DEMAND that the draft be instituted. DEMAND NO deferments.

          If everyone in this country had to send someone to these conflicts, do you really think that wed be sending troops all over the world to fight THEIR battles.

          • Lu States

            that is the crux of vietnam that gets lost on some that are younger. soldiers were DRAFTED ! i remember sitting in a room full of friends watching the lottery on T.V. for gods sake, and with each number drawn, pain or a little relief. how bloody barbaric was that ? absolutely agree…..DRAFT, and NO deferments ! you know who went to war ? those too poor, and with too few connections to get out, or those who were afraid of being drafted and chose a branch of service. i protested every war, from vietnam thru iraq…..and believe we cant fix the middle east, and we need that money here at home. im so done with this shit. i wanted the soldiers home in the 60s, and i want them home NOW !

          • dogjudge

            Thank you for the comments. BINGO!!

            Add to that the Vietnam wasnt sanitized by the government.

            The media was able to show the atrocities of war. How many pictures/videos have we seen of soldiers, nearly dead, being carried off of a battle field? W and Obama have both banned the media from taking pictures/videos of coffins being offloaded from planes.

            Out of sight, out of mind. Every day, Americans turned on their TV sets and saw what the horrors of war were. Those types of things, were the things that turned the country against the war.

            I remember at the beginning of Iraq, some reporters had gone to some college campuses and were interviewing guys who were in their 20s about Iraq. They were all rah, rah about Iraq. Lets go over there and whip their asses.

            THEN the reporter would ask them about signing up to fight. To a person. Oh no. Weve got to finish college. We have a volunteer army, we dont need to fight.

            One of the reasons I wanted to string W up. Short turn around times. Extended tours in battle zones. Involuntary enlistment extensions. Statements from some of the generals that the military was in an extremely weak position because of this.

            W KNEW the reason. We didnt have enough troops. Solution? A draft. Since he knew there were elections coming up, and he knew first hand about a draft, there was no way that was going to happen.

            The only reason I want/wanted a draft is because I knew Americans wouldnt stand for these battles going on.

            And now we have the chickenhawks wanting us to go over to the Middle East because ISIS is going to attack the US next week. BS.

          • Lu States

            forgot about the media. never had war, real blood and guts stuff, been brought into your dinner table until vietnam. it was barbaric, tough to look at stuff, and americans could not pretend it wasnt going on. it was right there, in a way that was gory as hell, real, and palpable. no wonder people filled the streets. i wish they would now….

          • bonkerslite

            Its funny, because I just followed this entire thread, where you and a couple other posters have been going at it, but from my perspective it just looked like the bunch of you could have been just as well agreeing on a lot of points (with all due respect to everybody). Without taking sides, I was a little bewildered at a lot of the dissension, to be honest. Ill bet you all find a lot of common ground with this last post of yours.

          • Dave

            in the 60s, that is fine, but today they do not draft, they go by choice.

          • Lu States

            my point dave. the choice is still being made mostly by the young, poor, cant afford college, see it as an only option few, plus reservists. i am saying, wars would not be jumped into IF there was a draft, and there were no deferments by the wealthy, college kids, senators nephews etc. mitt would have been in vietnam, not paris. geo. w. would have been IN vietnam, and obama would have been in any war that suited his age group….harvard or not. the draft levels the playing field. brings the war home. that is my point. the draft would make all the horror real to families that have the means to not serve….and a lot more thought would go into jumping into conflict, if little susie or tommy were drafted along with their less fortunate, less affluent friends.

          • martin woyzeck

            See, the problem with your type is always making stupid assumptions, as opposed to just stating your opinions.
            First its the old vets cry of have you been there, have you served, have you seen dead bodies,etc. I personally have, but its irrelevant, it doesnt mean anything. Those on these type of threads that always put credentials show their weakness in what they have to say.
            So, now you do it again, by saying haven you been out there protesting. What a stupid comment. It wouldnt matter if one has or has not, it has to do with what is right or wrong. But to answer it, yes I have. Many times, And have been arrested many times for protesting. So, just state your opinions, and enough with assuming someone else hasnt done something so they must not know about it. It is no argument

          • martin woyzeck

            The battles we fight, and others do, 99% of the time has to do with money and power, not freedom, or helping others.

          • martin woyzeck

            Yes, brainwashed, whether you want to believe it or not. That is what the military does. Ingrain in the soldiers who to hate, who the enemy is. And that was another commenter who spoke about his nephew and uncle. But what youre saying is rrelevant and double talk anyway. Being brainwashed and whether they had a choice to go or not is not the same thing, now is it?

          • martin woyzeck

            I think we agree on more than what our argument is. Thats good that you are part of Vietnam Vets Against the War. I just get tired of hearing vets telling others they dont know what theyre talking about just because they didnt serve. And the cry that you fought for our freedoms. Other than that we probably agree on a lot

    • Iowan

      And where did you serve Donovan,carrying signs that say Get Out of Vietnam ? I too am a Vietnam Vet & dogjudge thank you for serving with me in Vietnam. Donovan youre an asshole !!

      • martin woyzeck

        Opposite iowan, seems like youre the true asshole. The reall heroes were and always have been those who fought between right and wrong. So, in the case of Vietnam that was the protesters with signs saying get out of Vietnam. Where were your balls and brains to say this is wrong, Im not going to fight some more rightwing corporate war. What a loser you seem to be

    • Rob

      Spot on, Donovan. Im amazed that theres still Vietnam vets that think they were protecting US freedoms over there. As if the Viet Cong were planning an invasion of North America. Smh.

      • Mike

        I spent 3 years flying out of Thailand and S.Vietnam, and I never saw any MIGs headin for NYC or DC

    • Richard Eldridge

      War or no war, the military defends your freedom every single day. What do you think would happen to you if there was no military putting a wall between you and the evil that is far worse than the geopolitical corporations?

      • humaze

        You mean across those 2 oceans or our long time allies Canada and Mexico? All we really need is a strong navy and air force and not to be fighting wars in the middle east , fear is used to control you grow a pair. Take ISIS we made them US, Israel and Saudi Arabia to combat Hezbollah ( well documented ) and then Syria. And now they propagandize you into fear of ISIS, hell we are using them to proxy war the region. Just keep voting GOP and watching Fox stay in the dark.

        • Richard Eldridge

          If only a strong navy and air force were military. Oh, wait. They are. The Middle East is not the only threat. The threat comes from anyone who thinks they have what it takes to take what we have.
          And I have a pair. Ive proven it on more than one occassion. Something you will never do.

          • humaze

            keep dreaming hippie

          • martin woyzeck

            Richard you are unbelievably naive and uneducated. Notice that the rightwing of America always creates an enemy. Always creates hate and violence

      • Alan Batterman

        Our nuclear deterrent would prevent invasion by Russia or China, the only countries strong enough to even consider such an attack. There is no country in the Middle East remotely capable of mounting even a half-assed invasion.

        • Richard Eldridge

          Our nuclear deterrent is part of our military. So, once again, every single day. Our threats are not confined to the Middle East, China, and Russia.They are from any power who thinks that they have what it takes to take what we have. And without a military, that list would grow.

      • martin woyzeck

        And what evil is that richard? Lets be a bit more specific.Thats quite a sweeping, vague generalization., and because it is , it also makes it weak, with little validity

        • Richard Eldridge

          Great Britain, Spain, Japan, The Confederate States of America… The list changes constantly. Our mlitary is prepared for all of them.
          Why do we have a police department? Lets be a bit more specific. Which one of your neighbors is out to get you?

          • martin woyzeck

            Well thats specific all right, unfortunately it sounds like rightwing libertarian paranoid, lying propaganda. The U.K., japan, Spain……are evil threats? We are talking about present day , arent we? You are confusing a couple of things. Having a police force and./or a military is needed to be there to protect. The major question is …are they? Like a broken record ,that I know youve heard, we havent been in a war that we shouldve been since WW2. But we continue to get involved, and usually with the wrong sides, and usually to those we were the ones who supplied their weaponry. And police are supposed to be there to protect. But it has gotten to a point where citizens are afraid of the police beating them up, shooting , murdering them for no reason. Both have gotten out of hand. So Richard, your paranoia is a concern, and that you are confusing what certain jobs/positions were supposed to be for, but the reality is they havent for a long time

          • Richard Eldridge

            I know what theyre for, and Ive seen how theyre used. And there are bad people in all groups. But the evil of this world is not confined to the United States.
            You may not agree with how the military was used in Korea and Vietnam, but fighting Communism was important. Dont take my word for it, ask the millions of people killed by Stalin and Mao.
            Then one day in September of 2001, we were minding our own business when we were attacked. And we responded.
            Its not paranoia, its observable history. Our military protects us from those who would do us harm. The enemy changes constantly. Iran was our ally, then one revolution later, they were our enemy. This happens all the time. If we got rid of our military, that power vacuum would be filled, and you, most likely, wouldnt like who filled it.

          • martin woyzeck

            Are you joking?
            Hard to argue with Americans that have an ignorant, paranoia of the boogeyman Communism.
            Not it was not important fighting against Communism, at any time.
            For one, you obviously dont know what Communism is. And it was never a threat.
            If you knew what it is ,, you would know North Korea is a totalitarian government, which is not what communism is.Because one uses the word, doesnt mean thats what theyre abiding by.
            You might want also to visit current day Vietnam. I have. Its quite the happening place, in a good way. Im sure you dont want to hear that, being that it is communist.
            And rightwingers love to throw out Stalin. Stlalin was like Hitler, and abused his power, that was an individual thing.
            There is nowhere in any communist writings that advocates what Stalin did. So, stop using that as a crutch.

            Wow, are you naive. One day we were minding our own business and 911 happened.???! Mind our own business.
            We had invaded (for no reason,except monetary and power) just about every Middle Eastern country prior to 911.

            Do you how many people died in these countries? Not to mention the destruction and devastation American military caused.
            Minding our own business, you are really blind to the actions of our government and military.
            The problem is rightwingers like you constantly buying into American always having an enemy to fight.
            We do have enemies, and most of the time it is because of what we did to them.
            Again, Ive already said having a military is fine.
            How weve used the military has been un called for , in just about every case.
            Unbelievable, your naivety.
            It is so rightwing

    • martin woyzeck

      I know I hear to many vets ,especially on the net thinking people should bow to them for our freedoms. I feel for anyone that had to serve, but as you said Donovan, there hasnt been a war we shouldve been in, or that was about our freedoms since WW2

    • bitterandhappy

      BRAVO Donovan. Whenever I hear some vet saying he was defending our freedom, I want to punch him in the nose.

  • Brendan

    If my picture didnt give it away, Im also a veteran and I get pissed when some of my fellow veterans play that card and act entitled.
    Theres always a couple of morons that make the rest of us look bad.
    But like any group of people, you shouldnt judge all by the actions of a few.

    • dragontech64

      Id give even odds that I served before asshole Brannigan was born, so shouldnt HE be thanking me for MY service? (By the way, thank you for yours) I didnt enlist looking for gratitude, worship, free lunch or anything else. In fact I enlisted simply because it was a job during a depressed economy, and since high school left me with no civilian prospects. I didnt get far, due to hidden health issues that came out in basic, but I DID try. Seeing a jerk like Brannigan, I know that the failing is HIM, not those who serve.

    • martin woyzeck

      Thank you Brendan. I agree with you.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    T. Brannigan is a jerk.

  • Ashley

    lol truly a shame he didnt free us of his existence.

  • jugglaj91

    If the law didnt allow restaurants to pay less than minimum wage and force waiters and waitresses to live off tips then we wouldnt have to worry about stuff like this.

    • anoynamouse

      Or maybe they would pay minimum wage and wed get nothing but the type of people that work at Wallmart waiting on us…that sounds fun! Have you seen what works at Wallmart?

      No thanks…Ill take my restaurant/bar free enterprise where the talented ones usually have a job and the ones that suck and dont get tips get weeded out.

      Ive worked and managed F&B operations for 20 years…havent met a staff member yet that didnt make twice minimum with tips. At my peak I worked a resturant wed average about $80 an hour in tips.

      • jugglaj91

        I never said to do away with tips. I was suggesting paying them fairly so when people do not tip its not stealing from their wages as badly.

        • martin woyzeck

          We should do away with tips. Its the stupidest creation.
          I always tip well, as I know the servers dont make much otherwise. But the point is , why not? Whose idea was that to give below minimum wage, and the server has to depend on tips.
          This basically means any meal is 15-20% more than the price of the meal. And that is the owner whos making out with that. Tips may go to the server, but the owner is usually paying them half of minimum wage, so its them thats actually making the 15-20% more than the meal price.
          Its a crazy concept, that screws the worker and customer.

      • JoJoViolet

        Either your lying or you worked in high cost areas at high end restaurant. have been a server for years and very good at it and during peak seasons max would be about $40 hr. I do live in a low cost of living region so if you worked NYC or similar maybe you could do 80 but ….

      • Alan Batterman

        We should do away with tips. Walmart paid shit and got shit. What incentive does a food server have to do a good job without tipping? The same as any other employee, if you do a lousy job you get fired. $80 is 20% of $400. If you got $80 per hour in tips you either worked at a fancy, high-priced restaurant or had awfully generous customers.

    • d_g

      alrighty, but lets now return to reality, where the law DOES allow restaurants to pay tip wage and force waiters to work as waiters and thus live off tips (everyone already knows how roving packs of restaurant managers travel from city to city, forcing people to work for them at gunpoint, so no need to rehash all of that)…

      do the soldiers actions really seem okay to you?

      • jugglaj91

        No. But if this veteran ever needs help in the future he has no one to help him. While this person lost out on a few bucks he may lose out on much more than that later down the road.

      • Alan Batterman

        Not gunpoint, but a collapsing economy where jobs are outsourced, leaving some people no choice but to be food servers. The tipping system SUCKS DEAD RATS and depends on luck. In many cases a $100 meal is no more difficult to serve than a $20 meal. Or even a $5 special. Say you get a lunch shift. You may end up serving only $50 worth of food in a hour. Assuming all tip 20%, that would be $10 in tips. Add that to the $2 and change wage, thats $12 and change. Not a living wage.

  • John Cross

    Heres some other great tip ideas for all you cheapskates out there. For teachers: My tip is taking care of your brats all day while you are at work. For street cleaners: My tip is picking up all the trash you leave behind. For sewage workers: My tip is putting up with all your shit. Or if those dont work for you, just put this: My tip is get a job where you do not rely on tips. End of the day, either everyone leaves tips or no-one does. Get shitty service? Force the manager to give you a discount or never come back! Get great service? You can always leave extra. Tips, which are basically charity, should NEVER be the norm.

    • Openheart

      Tips are NOT charity. Restaurant servers are paid $2.10/hour. They RELY on tips to make it to at least minimum wage. They are taxed on their tips. Its part of their income, NOT charity. Being a server is a very tiring, often difficult job. This guy is nothing but a cheapskate whos too self-important to be a decent human being.

    • anoynamouse

      Maybe everyone should just to the job they were hired for and pay for things in a way society is setup for them to participate in…this includes tipping if you get good service.

    • d_g

      i notice you use the word should, which indicates no actual link to REALITY.

      perhaps tips SHOULD never be the norm… just as i SHOULD have been independently wealthy by age 14, and i SHOULD own a ship capable of travel to the moon, and i SHOULD have been allowed to Quarterback in Super Bowl 40, and there SHOULD be no poverty or homelessness in the world.

      so yeah, should is mostly meaningless.

      • Alan Batterman

        You are using an extremely false analogy. But your last item is true, there should not be poverty or homelessness. The first three are ridiculous. SHOULD means how things would be in a proper system. Your three fantasies are not things that should be. Tipping should be abolished.

  • santadog Farker

    Ive had customers expect a discount because they are military, and then give me crap about it when I explain I dont offer discounts to anyone.

  • B A Dragon

    Well looks like he gave himself the freedom to be a jerk. Maybe when a higher ranking officer declines to pay him for his work he will understand.

  • Pithy Eponym Here

    So a guy whose livelihood is paid for by everyday Americans expects free stuff and a pass for being part of that society in civilian environments. Seems totes legit for a Junta-based ideology.

  • 2TallTim

    I wonder what hes like as a next door neighbor.

  • pjm19606

    This jackass VOLUNTEERED which means I , nor anyone else, owes him NOTHING! Americans are sincerely STUPID! Americas sovereignty has not been challenged since WWII and even then that was debatable as we antagonized the Japanese before their attack on Pearl Harbor. Prior to that, the only time we had to defend ourselves was the War of 1812. The US has an OFFENSIVE, not defensive military.

    • theReaL*Lydia85

      Well said.

  • Rick Derris

    That is something Zapp Brannigan would say.

    • C Monroe

      look at the receipt. It is Him! It is fake!

  • blf83

    Conceited? Arrogant, hypocrite.

  • anoynamouse

    But I thought soldiers were perfect and whatever they say or do gets a pass!?!?!

  • dogjudge

    #1 By using while serving my country, my guess is that the person was in the military. Id doubt that the person even did serve.
    #2 Id suggest that he try that bit and not pay his taxes, or a traffic fine.

  • Kathy Mayo

    The guy sounds like an arrogant asshole to me!! Shame on him..

  • The Reader

    While I am grateful for the service of American soldiers, Ill bet that soldiers paycheck was consistently higher than the wait persons.

  • Judson Snell

    Yeah, you know, as an advertising director I should just frequent my clients locations and stiff on the tip, citing that everyone else is there because I made some crummy commercial. What a dick.

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  • Scott Myers

    As a former soldier….. if this had happened in my presence….that punk would have received a G.I. party real freaking fast.. .

  • pamella7

    Someone said to google Zap Brannigan and that this is a joke. Never heard of it but its a cartoon character and it must have been something he did on one of the shows???

  • Kyndal A. Wilmoth

    prolly one of those kids who, after getting in trouble with the law were toldyou can enlist or go to jail,,,, yeah ,,,real fine fellow

  • Xcalicoco

    Like all Republicans, he learned it from his teacher, Rush Limbaugh, who broadcasts his treasonous bile on Armed Forces Radio every day, indoctrinating our troops and his other listeners in the troll-behavior that is so rampant now. Just like Rush, be as rude and obnoxious as you can, and there will be no consequences.

  • JC Ballenger

    Hes most likely not a real soldier, just some scumbag wannabe.

  • JC Ballenger

    …and here come the dick measuring contests.

  • Aptosian

    His behavior suggests an imbalanced personality, sadly ready to join the club of 22, vet suicides per day.

    • 2TallTim

      Im more worried that his frame of mind might eventually lead him to seek attention by acting out like other ex-soldiers who have shot civilians, or bomb a building like ex-soldier Timothy McVeigh, or become another Eddie Ray Routh.
      (if this Brannigan thing is even real)

  • C Monroe

    LOOK at the NAME!!!!! THIS IS A HOAX! FAKE! Zak Brannigan is a fictional character from futurama. A military person who is so full of themself.

    • John F N Doh

      futurama for the win..

    • Alan Batterman

      So he put a fake name on the check.

    • martin woyzeck

      Uh……now youre embellishing, and making up things. Where does it say Zapp Brannigan? It doesnt , it has T. Brannigan.

  • stubbornsoul

    Considering every American is paying every services persons salary and we dont have the draft any more; it was his choice as to his career. No different than the wait staff or any other job someone is doing. If he cant handle like the responsibilities that go with participating as an adult in our society, then he shouldnt leave home without his adult caretaker to handle said reponsibilities.

  • Carolyn SM

    your going to find assholes in every walk of life.. unfortunately even in the military.. i do believe they are the exception tho and not the rule.. i wouldnt let it ruin your day

  • natelan

    Soldiers get paid handsomely while in a warzone. Many volunteer for hazardous duty, just for the great extra pay perk. Your appreciation was paid to you with our tax dollars, asshole. Now tip up, you cheap ass bitch.

  • Evil Tom

    Something tells me if this is true it is only half the story. My guess is the waiter made some comments about the military, most likely about the Military discount. I have heard it myself. funny how the top of the bill is missing.

  • disqus_a3cEEbCswW

    This guy is an as*hole!! When you get down to brass tacks…he signed up and was PAID for his service….and so should she as well!!!!!

  • wardpo

    Guy is probably a poser. He is absolutely a total low life. A veteran

  • geo

    As an Army Brat, I find this guy to be a complete jackass. I dont know a single G.I. who would have done this.

  • Joe

    He is just looking for a way to get out of tipping because he is a tight ass

  • vinvee

    I am so surprised! In none of the comments did anyone blame Our current Commander and Chief for this! Wow, this is atypical. He finally didnt get the raft for the military guy not leaving a real tip! There has to be a God! On the real, this soldier appears to have issues and it may have nothing to do with serving in the military! He is what we call CHEAP!

  • http://www.twitter.com/thesilverspiral Naya

    Hahahaha… that poor deluded bastard thinks hes protecting our freedoms. Well, whatever helps you to sleep better at night, buddy. Just dont screw workers out of their living, OK? Thats just a dick thing to do.

  • http://casualmillennial.blogspot.com/ J.

    No one forces you to sign up to be in the military. I mean, I appreciate the service, but no one in the military is entitled to take a shit on my life because they WILLINGLY singed up to go to war.

  • bonkerslite

    I have to wonder about this poor mans state of mind. Either he is a vet with his priorities out of whack, taking out his frustrations on people who work for a living instead of his local congress critter (see what I did there? About people who work and people who dont? Nyuk nyuk…) or he is a delusional kook who thinks hes a vet, but doesnt know the first thing about acting honorably (not that I would hold every single vet to some sort of ironclad code of honor, top to bottom. Theyre flawed human beings, too).

    [sigh] At least he spelled youre correctly.

  • http://eleniwriting.tumblr.com/ Eleni McKnight

    This may or may not be faked. Some people pay in cash tips and 0 the tip amount out on the ticket. When you do that, make sure you write tip in cash on table! Thank you! beside it so a bitchy server looking for some sympathy cant write in something like this. But if this veteran DID do this, its basically stealing from the server.

    • bonkerslite

      Hadnt thought of that! I actually always tip in cash if I can when paying with a card.


      • http://eleniwriting.tumblr.com/ Eleni McKnight

        Yeah, just to cover your own ass. There are some really dishonest servers out there, I will be honest, but its the same with every profession. I wish wed just abolish tipping and raise the price of food so servers can get a living wage.

        • bonkerslite

          Indeed, the entire tipping industry is bad for everybody, servers and customers alike. I daresay it ONLY serves the employers best interests, though I am sure an informed person could show me how getting rid of tipping will also benefit them.

          OH! But now I see what you mean with the KYA: i DONT write tip on table. Hmmm…ok, that sort of conflicts with why I tip with cash: i want the server to be able to report tips as they see fit, but maybe thats a useless gesture anyway, since they are taxed on the tips they are assumed to have received based the receipts (yes: I suppose I am admitting to trying to help them fudge a bit). :) So, in the end, I am giving the server the benefit of the doubt, completely….it has never occurred to me that I might end up on the internet, with no tip left behind according the cc receipt. Yowza…

          Lots of food for thought now…

  • Fossil1944

    He sure isnt from the generation I served with.

  • evi1joe

    Likely not even a soldierjust a POS.

  • Matt Hill

    Anybody notice the Futurama signature? Maybe Im just a geek. I think it may have more to do with that than this being an actual veteran or active duty military person.

  • pvphoto

    The military fight for no one but the big corporations that profit from the wars, individuals delude themselves in thinking they protect the people of the US.

  • Pal Whatapal

    Funny man

  • zedave41


  • scott

    I take it that since there hasnt been a legitimate war this country has been involved in since WWll that that war on terror bullshit we were all spoonfed and are still, and WILL be paying for for the next phukqing 4 decades was all a horseshit lie fed to us by GOP illiterates? I appreciate someone FINALLY admitting it, since thats what the majority of Americans have been TRYING to get teabaggers and conservatives to admit for about a goddammed decade now!!! So THANK you! Probably thats the goddammed war this Brannigan jackass participated in, too!!!!! Wow, he IS an asshat!

  • tblackmon

    pretty much an idiot, gives vets and service personnel a bad name.

  • Mike

    That individual is a disgrace to whatever branch he served in. I cant really imagine someone doing that

  • Harry Crook

    Im a two tour Vietnam combat veteran. Just yesterday I tipped a waitress for refilling my tea. Oh, the tip…not much. $5.00…
    It was worth it. Next time I go in there she will be looking for me.

  • John Bryant

    Did the service member get paid for his time? The server depends on tips to survive. The people who work for tips are not responsible for this. Why should they be the ones to pay the price for something they have no control over. They didnt make the policy of tipping, but when you fail to tip, they are the ones who are forced to suffer.

  • Karla Ibsen

    I am a veteran (USAF) and find this regrettable. I understand that our veterans need to be treated better. However, an individual server in a restaurant does not have this responsibility as an individual. It seems that this person is just using military service as an excuse to be stingy. I dont like the idea of military service being an excuse for any thing. We volunteer. We serve. We press on.

  • Susan M.

    He got paid while he was in the service. The server needs to get paid for doing the job, too.

  • 1ofmanyfriends1

    The server was doing her CHOSEN job just as this worthless POS was doing, most likely poorly, his job, most likely being assigned to digging outhouses for the whole company. People like this have no business being in the service as that is an honorable job and one that is full of American pride and unselfishness.
    What he did to this poor server will come back to him in Karma. The next time he is under fire, perhaps the great spirit will not be as kind as to shield him from harm.
    Most of the service men I have met have been divided into two groups. Those who are humble, kind and enlisted for the right reason.
    The other kind of which there are only a few did it for their own self gratification and for others to worship them for what they did…their OWN CHOSEN Line of work. They are not gods nor are they heroes, they are just humans like everyone else. I hope these kinds of idiots will find their trailers and move back in with their cousins and reproduce like rabbits….hungry, diseased starving rabbits. Imbecile.

  • tacosaredelicious

    Z. Brannigan?
    Like Zapp Brannigan from Futurama?

  • Wow

    He sounds angry. Probably a justified anger, albeit misplaced.

  • Elizabeth R. Lewis

    Im an ordinary civilian who, ordinarily, is very proud of our military service members. This jerk, however, stands out among the crowd. Hes not representative of the military. Hes a self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic jackass who cant see that anyone else on the face of the earth serves a purpose. This jerk thinks everybody owes him something because he chose to join the military. Well, I for one wish that she he chose not to join because he does not represent the values of the United States of America.

  • johnm

    I was thinking the same thing. We were brainwashed being so young and brave. Even while there we knew it was a mistake. BTW; I think service should be mandatory, it makes you grow up/ It takes vet to say no more!

  • Jay


  • RB

    The tip that he left the server doesnt help her minimum wage job at all and in some cases (in different parts of the country) tipped employees only make $2.13 / hour. So basically, what this guy is insulating is that hes charging the server for his service in the military. The server has already paid for it in the way of taxes. This guy is a complete bombastic moron and he doesnt deserve to be served anywhere.

  • Henry Avellaneda

    Being a veteran is not an excuse for acting like a complete jerk!

  • K Fernstrom

    I am a veteran myself. I actually tip very well for service, especially for good service because I know what crap wages most servers make. This kind of attitude only supports the action of doing away with tipping altogether and raising servers wages from $2.30 an hour + tips to something more in line with the work they do. Beginning at $8 or $9 and moving up as you gain experience. I made crap wages as a soldier but I made even more crap wages when I worked as a server. Your service to your country does not give you a free pass to be an a$$hole. I dont care how long you served, when you served, or where you served. A jerk is a jerk, in every walk of life.

  • Rod Moyes

    No doubt that the photo evidence is a condemnation on the vet in question, but… I strongly suspect that there is much more of a back story that hasnt been told. All service members both past and present deserve our gratitude and respest. At the same time restaurant workers (servers) depend on their tips to get by. In some states the law allows for them to get effectively no base hourly. It is under $3 in several states, and servers get taxed on a percentage of their sales whether they collect a tip or not.

    Now, with all of that out of the way. Have any of you ever eaten at a Red Robin? I only ask because in my experience, the word Service is not in the lexicon of the establishment. Bad service is one thing, but being almost completely ignored is quite another.

    Anyway, my point is, that there is a side to this story we havent been told. While the particular written message on the receipt is bush league no matter what, its very possible that the service received was for some reason deemed unsuitable enough to warrant foregoing a tip.

    Bottom line, the vet may be a dbag, but he may have been reciprocating dbaggery on the part of the server.

  • Enfant Terrible

    Interesting that ones tipping habits can reveal so much.

  • CHRIS42060

    Some military members really do ruin the image for others. The bar I work in we caught a guy peeing on our patio and when we threw him out he told us he was a veteran and that entitled him to urinate wherever he wanted.

    Im just hoping the waitresses unfortunate enough to encounter the nontipper do not judge the majority of humble and respectful veterans by this douches actions.

  • http://www.The-ResPublica.com/ AMinus

    Lol, freedom from/of what, exactly? The last time our freedom was actually threatened was WWII

  • Max

    The only threat to freedom in the US comes from within. Im looking at you, GOP.

  • Rachel DeMaria

    My husband is in the service and we tip 20% everytime we eat out at a restaurant. I am strict about the 20% I used to wait tables. I also make my kids pick up any mess on the floor that they may have made and clean the table the best they can. This soldier was a douche.

  • Lisa Divens

    And my answer to him is…… nobody forced you to join the military. Period.

    • StrangerWithCandy

      And he got paid. Its a job, thats all.

  • StrangerWithCandy

    I would much rather restaurants pay a living wage to their employees and do away with tips. Charge an appropriate amount for the meal to cover overhead and be done with it. Then douchbags like this jerk cant screw the staff like this.

  • Haruko Haruhara

    How much you want to bet this guy was a REMF?

  • Dan Atatakai

    To put it simply What a jackass!

  • MichiganMedic

    Probably guarded a warehouse on a base stateside.

  • Eric Gearns

    As a Vietnam Disabled Vet, I am offended and appalled by the actions of this man. On behalf of all the good and kind Vets out there I apologize.

  • UHcoog

    Thanks for your service, but no thanks to your basic message. I do appreciate all vets including my dad, but that does not give them the right to think they are above tipping. In this case, maybe the vet SHOULD NOT eat out if he cant afford to tip another human being for their customer service. Service is service. Some may be deadly, and others encounter unpleasant people.

  • Gail Weaver

    Hey. Maybe the server was a spouse of a service member trying to make a living. Please. Serving your country or serving your servicemen does not give you the right to be a pinhead.

  • Guest

    Exactly what freedoms does that asshat think his service provided to anyone?
    The last war that ensured true freedom, for us and the world, was WWIII.

  • Brian

    Exactly what freedom does that asshat think his service provided to anyone?
    The last war that ensured true freedom, for us and the world, was WWII.

  • Tlombor

    What a kook.

  • Captain Garrett

    Twenty years in Uniform, and my husband would NEVER write such a thing.

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  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    what a scumbag soldier.

  • jimtree

    How does the soldier know that the waiter or waitress was not also a veteran? If he ever got a job that depended on tips for income, do you think he would be happy with the same treatment?

  • poobah69

    Why do servers always think they are entitled to a tip. Now even the coffee servers at Starbucks want a tip even though they earn a good salary with benefits. I dont tip due to the high cost of the cup of coffee already. I dont blame this guy. He served his country while most of the others dont want to take on the responsibility. Arruh!

  • bleh

    People tips are not guaranteed. Is it rude? Yes. Uncalled for? Yes. Totally within his rights? Again, yes. The only real solution to this problem is revamp the Tip system. Not dis some jerk who evidently doesnt know better.

  • Ben Beggs

    Last I knew there is no draft.If your in the mill-artery thats where you what too be.

  • Richard H

    If this is really authentic (real military, not just an escape from tipping) I think it is wrong. You tip according to the service rendered. It is part of the servers income, no matter what your occupation is.
    The server pays taxes that go towards the militarys income. That is their obligation and that is where it ends.
    Both of my children were servers and I can relate to the plight of the server involved.
    I am former military and I can relate to the delight of getting a voluntary military or veteran discount at businesses that want to support or reward men and women.

  • Jane Jessee

    MAYBE if the current trend of disrespect for the military changed, this wouldnt have happened. As a veteran, I wouldnt have done this, but then when I served, we werent treated so disrespectfully by the White House and public. I dont agree with what he did, but I can half way understand it.

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