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Starbucks Manager Goes Bat Shit Crazy on Customer: Youre Not Going To Be Served Here (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.14
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Ruby Chen walked into a Starbucks not too long ago expecting to order a frappuccino, just like she would on any other day except this was no ordinary day. Instead of walking away with an iced coffee, she was screamed at by the manager and accused of trying to steal a straw, among other things.

The video pretty much speaks for itself, but according to Chen, the incident started when she didnt hear a worker asking for her name to put on her cup of coffee because she was opening up her reward app on her phone to pay. That apparently was when Melissa, the manager of the store, started berating her.

When Mrs. Chen tried to calmly explain that she wasnt able to hear her, the manager took the scanner away as she was trying to pay with her phone and then proceeded to tell her to leave and never to come back again.

So, without further adieu…here is probably the worst Starbucks experience you are likely to ever witness:

Featured image via screen capture from You Tube

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  • Shawn Ramsey

    Rosie Perez has fallen on some hard times.

  • Dave Erickson

    See what happens when you drink TOO much coffee!!!! Wonder were shes going to get a new job. Surely they fired her…

  • Chaz

    Now we will see if Starbucks makes the douchebag manager unemployed.

  • Drake Tillman

    You know she wanted to say Felicia but she knows shes Felicia.

  • marecek21

    No Frap for YOU!

  • kwkiki7562

    Terminated and NO unemployment pay.

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