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Superdad: Jim Bob Duggar Gives Advice To Fathers That Will Make You Want To Vomit

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There could nobody less qualified to give parenting advice than disgraced reality star Jim Bob Duggar. His Christian extremist beliefs keep him from doing any of the actual work involved in being a parent. When youre a parental figurehead all you have to offer is your position as role model, and Duggar has failed ever-so miserably in that regard.

Duggar stopped having any credibility as a parent when the scandal concerning his son Josh became public. He hid the dangerous actions of a potential predator, cured him by sending him off to pray and build things on a farm and provided the security his girls needed by locking them in their room at night so he couldnt keep doing it.

Plus, it wasnt really that bad. He mostly only touched them over the clothes. While they were sleeping. Mostly.

Even after it came out that his youngest victim was 5 as he neared adulthood, Jim Bob defended his son who had repented and been forgiven by the family and the Lord. That, of course, didnt work out too well when we all learned that Joshs sexual needs were being fulfilled by women from Ashley Madison and a porn star who is now suing him for assault.

Is it fair to judge Jim Bob Duggar by the actions of his oldest alone? Absolutely. Had he not defended him and destroyed his own reputation with that travesty of an interview with Megyn Kelly there may have been hope, but for him to continue to give advice as a parent just because he has super sperm that wont be denied is ridiculous.

In a post on the Duggar Family Blog, Jim Bob gave some advice to fathers that, as a father, made me want to regurgitate my lunch back on its plate. After a gaggle of quotes from the bible and some great stuff about how you should discuss matters of faith…all the time, Duggar offered this, which made me literally scream Shut the f*ck up! at my monitor:

Start protecting your family by removing books, magazines, television, or internet that have worldly or sensual content. Replace them with good things like wholesome music, biographies of great Christians, good old-fashioned family fun and games.

Are you serious, Jim Bob? Is that how you kept the depravity away from your son, who is once again praying and working and getting no actual help for his sex addiction? Heres a dose of reality, Jimmy: If you shield your children from reality they will find it on their own. If you choose to be all biblical about it, God gave us free will. The byproduct of free will is inherent curiosity. As you teach your children that there is no evil in the world if they only choose reading and entertainment materials approved by the church of crazy.

Lets not forget that his children are home-schooled. Tell us, Jim Bob, will they be deprived of the sick reality of Mein Kampf or the humanity of The Bridge Over San Luis Rey because they arent Jesus approved reading? Are they allowed to read Ghandis biography or was he too radical for you?

It should be illegal for this guy to be a father at all.

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  • Larry Brautigam

    He seems only qualified to be a scumball coverup artist, I mean Catholic priest or bishop.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Brainwash your kids. If you dont theyll run away from your monstrous imaginary friend as soon as they can.

    • Frankie Trice

      Kids are not ignorant of their hypocritical parents and usually polarize from their religious parents to get away from such stupidity. Christians are very notorious for living lives of hypocrisy because they want to appear righteous, and they become an example to their children that their children see through very clearly. I have only seen 2 families that are Xtian that just might be doing right by their children, but they dont avoid the truth and their homes are full of love, not the pretend type we see in most churches…

      • its my opinion

        Anyone who uses an X in place of Christ has no business giving advice to anyone else. Hippocrit? Have you looked in the mirror?

  • Jackie Garnett

    Duggar should not open his mouth about ANYTHING!

    • http://religionandpolitics.org/ religion&politics

      Yup, first amendment protections for me, but not for thee, right?

      • Frankie Trice

        He truly is not qualified to speak to these matters. Better one that is trained for it and not someone regurgitating pulpit propaganda to the detriment of all.

        • its my opinion

          And you are????

  • http://religionandpolitics.org/ religion&politics

    Oh brother, leave it up to Chuckie and the libturds at this despicable little hack site to criticize someone for suggesting that family fun and games, good music, etc should take the place of the type of nasty crap all over TV and the internet.

    You should stop screaming at your monitor Chuckie, we already know how mentally unbalanced you are.

    • haauwnk

      That must be true. Denying the existence of natural reproductive urges in healthy young people will simply make it go away.

      • http://religionandpolitics.org/ religion&politics

        Not the same thing at all dumba$$. If you want people to take you and your silly little hack site seriously, perhaps you should try a little honesty in your debate tactics.

      • Frankie Trice

        The main problem with Xtianity is that they deny they have a dark side. They think conversion did away with it, but that is not Biblical. Because of their deception, they have no teachings to help anyone in their churches that is seriously struggling with their dark side. It all becomes a playground of perversion claiming it is okay with God, but it isnt. They could use some teaching on how to raise children, but they believe they are an elite people and dont need teaching at all.

        • its my opinion

          Anyone who uses an X in place of Christ has no business giving anyone else any advice, Christian or otherwise.

    • Rocky Ostermann

      I think you should turn off he television. Read many books, listen to the music you like and explore new types of music. Best thing for you really. Buy a quad or a motorcycle, go out and meet people, make new friends, reconnect with old friends and talk. Better than watching television by far

      • http://religionandpolitics.org/ religion&politics


        My wife and I have never had television in our 16 years of marriage, and I wouldnt have it any other way. I hate most TV, especially reality TV, people like these idiot Duggars worst of all. I read and write all day at work, so I kinda dont like to read for pleasure much anymore. I do own a quad actually, and use it to plow snow and bomb around the back roads in the summer … youre right, TV sucks.

        • its my opinion

          And if you have never had tv, how do you know so much truth about the Duggar family and all that is going on around them. Oyou believe what you read??? Mistake!!

          • religion&politics

            Actually, I dont know anything about them other than what I read in the news. They strike me as attention-mongering backwoods doofuses, just like most reality TV stars.

          • its my opinion

            People like these idiot Duggars worst of all. Thats pretty strong coming from someone that knows nothing except what he reads in the news. Dont you know by now that most news reports are biased and run mostly by left wing liberals?

          • religion&politics

            Yea, I suppose so. In fairness, I deeply dislike ALL reality TV, and I make no special exception for these people, the Bachelor people, the people on the vote-you-off island, or anyone else. Am I wrong about them?

          • its my opinion

            I really dont know anything about them.

  • IxoIII


    Well, there ya go.

    • Frankie Trice

      A good tree cannot bear corrupt fruit. He obviously is not a good tree.

  • SharonB2013

    I always thought he was creepy

  • its my opinion

    The Bible says: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. This doesnt say that children arent going to sin and make bad choices. It means that if you train them right that eventually they will come back to that training. The prodigal son was an example. This was a horrible shock and heartache to this family. They have all suffered immensely from it all. They need our prayers, not our hate and daggers.

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