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Surprise! The Leader of Texas Counter Jade Helm Militia Is A Racist Who Smiles When Black People Die

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at 2016.02.12
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Perhaps to nobodys surprise, Ring of Fire Radio reports Pete Lanteri, the former marine and organizer of Counter Jade Helm, is a violent racist atop being a conspiracy kook.

Just the sort of person we want protecting us from that evil federal government.

Killing Commies

Lanteris Facebook is a tapestry of hate and bigotry; between posts that fantasize about killing black people and Muslims are other posts expressing a desire to kill commies and thousands of [liberal] fucks.

Keep in mind, this is the man who volunteered to save you from the federal government. Doesnt that federal government look like the better choice?

On one picture, a photograph of Michael Browns grave, he wrote, when his [Browns] smile ended, mine started. On another post, showing people burning the American flag, he said he wanted to machine gun these scumbags. He also called for people to keep lists of commie/marxists/islamists in their neighborhood, so people would know exactly where to start looking when the time comes to round them up.

I can't wait to kill thousands of these fucks man!!!

People you should all be making lists of all commie/marxists/islamists in your neighborhoods. All the teachers, school board members, politicians, etc who are anti US Constitution need to be identified and addresses known so that when it comes time to round them up we know exactly where to start looking. They will be arrested for treason!!!

Time to machine gun these scumbags.


When Alan Colmes cornered Lanteri about this Facebook page, however, Lanteri attempted to back away from his words, offering up the feeble excuse that he didnt think about what he writes.

When questioned about his post calling liberals useless fucking Americans, for instance, Lanteri said, I tend to write something before I think, and a lot of people do that, and when asked about his post calling for the deaths of thousands of people, he replied that he was a Sicilian hothead from the Bronx.

He added, I admit I wrote it and I admit it was stupid. And guess what? I get hotheaded at times.

You dont say?

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    • moonkat51

      I suggest he be on a list.

      • JustTheFactsMaam

        Oh, hes on a list a list of idiots.

    • Theoldlady

      So is Jade Helm a real military group a militia group or terrorists?

      • Bob Nelson

        Jade Helm is just the code name for a United states military training exercise. The military always gives operations a code name, for example, the D-Day invasion of Europe was Operation Overlord. In the past they were always two unrelated words. Under Bush it became a PR thing, and so we had patriotic things like Enduring Freedom. For annually run things you have Phibex 17, for Amphibious Exercise number 17 which would be an annual Marine corps exercise. Easier to use Phibex in communications than typing out or saying the longer official name.

        • zerosumgame0005

          Enduring Freedom which has not endured, also too Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) which also too dunt wrk gud…

    • Jon Ripley

      A hothead, with lots of guns, who spews hate, yet, by self admission, he does things without thinking, or considering the potential end results. Sounds very unstable mentally, certainly needs a mental health evaluation.

    • Dot

      When I get angry, I dont talk about killing people. (ok, when they caught Tim McVeigh, I wanted to get a rope, but just for a moment).

    • TMBatKK

      Its ok. Im sure the gubermint already has his address. And those of his friends. As a Vet, I must say this is NO brother of mine. He is a disgrace to the uniform and the country.

      • Ted Govostis

        Pretty sure he never served out his full service. Vaguely recall from a mutual friend that he was discharged, might have been during SOI or shortly there after. Im pretty sure he made it through boot, though.

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