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The 11 Funniest Send Snack Memes (IMAGES)

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at 2016.03.25
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It is hard not to see the humor in the fact that the not-so-well-regulated militia, that has taken over an empty f*cking bird sanctuary to begin their quest to overthrow the US government, are so desperately unprepared. Especially when the whining Yall Qaeda run, incidentally, by a millionaire and his sons begs to be sent snacks. You know, because the revolution has the munchies I guess.

Facebook has been filled with great memes, and even new groups like Snacks For YallQaeda, all simply to bask in the momentary hilarity of the overpowering ineptitude being shown by what is being called a group of what some are calling Radical Mormon Terrorists weilding some sort of Yehawd. Or simply Vanilla Isis, Trailer Daesh, Yokel Haram, and about a million other snort-worthy nicknames. The snack memes, though, they seriously are winning the internet.

These memes range from the simply funny as hell to now that is what I call Jenga, varieties.

1. Hey, Boss, were out of Twinkies…

2. Supplies to end the standoff.

Via The Goomba, edited.

Via The Goomba, edited.

3. Yes, it is this ridiculous.

4. Thoughts and prayers, and perhaps Bibles:

5. From Lady Grey:

The list of things these people are looking for includes tinfoil, locks, and snacks. Gee, I wonder if there is a little trust problem among the faithful?

From Lady Grey, on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LadyMEGrey/photos/p.929638397112492/929638397112492/?type=3&hc_location=ufi

Via Lady Grey, on Facebook

6. Thank you, random citizen:

7. This beauty was spotted at Sweet Tears of Teabilly Butthurt:

8. Rancid Butter:

9. Yall Queda be like:

10) Game over, Oregon Trail FTW:

11. Will commit treason for Funyuns:

That is just a sampling of the vast sea of mockery that is social media, at this point. Enjoy, share, and vote for your favorite in the comments! It isnt every day that the extreme right wing gives us this kind of comical relief along with their wars on women, the middle class, freedom, minorities, the Constitution, and anything else they dont agree with.

Featured image via Facebook

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