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The Best Unmissable Moments From The BRIT Awards 2016

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at 2016.05.02
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The BRIT awards 2016 blew us away, and showed the Grammys exactly what a music awards show should look like.

As expected, Adele swept the board, but there were so many other awards and incredible performances, so we’ve collected all of the greatest moments from the BRIT awards that you cannot miss.

The Grammys were an absolute snooze fest in comparison to the BRITs – with acts setting the stage on fire, Adele dropping a major f-bomb, raunchy dancing, and an award that was out of the world, literally.

Here are the greatest unmissable moments from the 2016 BRIT awards that you HAVE to see.

Rihanna grinding on Drake


Fans were thrilled when Rihanna started singing her new hit “Work”, which was only elevated when Drake joined her onstage. The pop princess and her ex didn’t hold back as they re-enacted their raunchy music video, and it looked as though it wasn’t only Drake that was enjoying himself.

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