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The Purring Dead: Zombie Cat Comes Home 5 Days After Burial (VIDEO)

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A couple of years ago there were reports out of Florida that the zombie apocalypse was beginning after a man ate another mans face while high on bath salts.

While it was determined that there was no actual zombie activity, one has to wonder if Florida is destined to be the breeding ground for a future ruled by the undead.

A man in the Tampa area was devastated when his 23-month-old cat was found stiff and lifeless in a puddle of blood after being hit by a car.

The cats owner, a 53-year-old Ellis Hutson, said:

We were so close, I couldnt stand to bury him. I put him on the shoulder of the road and went and got David. He dug a hole and covered up the cat with dirt. I witnessed him bury the cat.

Thats where the story turns from weird to bizarre.

Five days later Bart the cat showed up on the neighbors porch, purring and hungry.

Bart had surgery on January 27th to repair his jaw and remove an eye. Incredibly, he is expected to otherwise make a full recovery.

The humane society of Tampa said on its website:

We have seen many amazing cases at our full-service veterinary clinic, but this situation may take the cake.

So far theres no evidence that Bart was on catnip of any kind.

Its a good thing Hutson didnt decide to cremate.

Watch the news report on Bart below courtesy of The Tampa Bay Humane Society:

H/T: ABC | Image: Screen Grab from YouTube

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