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The Rapiest Christmas Song Ever Gets An Even Crazier Remake (VIDEO)

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at 2016.02.17
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If youve ever really listened to the lyrics for the Christmas classic, Baby Its Cold Outside, you have probably noticed that its beyond a little weird. Essentially, its about a man trying to take advantage of the fact that its cold so he can, amidst protests, get a woman to spend the night. In other words, its a song about date rape.

On the YouTube channel, Funny or Die, they remade the video to more accurately depict the lyrics and, well, its creepy.

Like the song, it all begins innocently enough. Scott Aukerman and Casey Wilson are obviously at the end of a date and, well, she wants to go home. The video, takes a much darker turn as it goes on, with him dragging her across the floor and taping her to a chair. Oh, but it does have a happy ending.

An Honest Performance Of Baby Its Cold Outside from Funny Or Die

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