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The Revolution Will Be Inked: NH Tattoo Parlour Offers FREE Bernie Tattoos (VIDEO)

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at 2016.03.18
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The iconic head, hair and glasses of the one and only Bernie Sanders is finding a forever placement on Sanders supporters skin. Yes, you read that right, Aartistic Inc.,a New Hampshire tattoo parlor is giving away free Bernie Sanders ink.

Not only is the free ink a testament to who is supporting Bernie, millennials, with their great love of body modification and art, it is also a testament to how these supporters feel about their candidate.

While talking about whether or not she had concerns about the Bernie Sanders silhouette proudly displayed on her inner wrist, especially if he doesnt win, Bernie supporter Haley Lents answer actually seemed to capture what many see in this man, and his revolution:

I dont look at it that way at all. When my kids ask about it, Ill be able to tell them about this huge time for America, and this person that really inspired me.

Watch this short, entertaining piece from AJ+:

Featured image via Screen capture from YouTube

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