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This Buddhist Monk Just Defied Physics by Meditating in a Pot of Boiling Oil.

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at 2016.02.20
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A news about a fascinating feat being performed by a Thai monk has gone viral over the web and has successfully raised the curiosity of several people. As we all know, monks practice different types of meditation that display their discipline and strength… some people even call this magic.

The Triptaka also known as the ancient Pali Scriptures contain records of such miracles performed by monks. Do you think this Thai monks act will someday be included on such scripture?

Thai monk sitting in a vat of boiling oil


Photo credit: Odditycentral

In the video, a monk from Nong Bua Lamphu, Thailand is seen peacefully praying in a vat filled with boiling oil, as the fire underneath it continuously burns. Several of his followers pass objects such as amulets and fabrics for him to touch, believing that they too will be bestowed with his magical powers. Apparently, some of these objects are also sold to other places of worship and to the community.

Watch the video:

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