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This Girl Didnt Know Whats Inside Her, Not Until They Cut Off Her Pants! Shocking!

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at 2016.01.18
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Some parents are too busy working at home or in the office that they sometimes forgot to check out whats going on with their kids. To think, spending quality time with kids is one of the essentials to help them grow mature and respectful. If parents fail to provide their kids much of the time that they need, most probably things would end up like a bomb exploding before their very eyes.

Take for instance this video of a young woman who didnt have a clue if she is pregnant or not. Her father couldnt likewise believe what he discovered after his daughter was rushed to the hospital. He was even baffled with what he saw after the doctors cut off her daughters pants. Apparently this story is real but it made me wonder how something like this happened without the young womans knowledge.

Actually, this video is part of the show Untold Stories of the ER. In the interview of Dr. Kathleen Clem, one of the doctors who assisted Amber on her delivery, she said the teenage mom did not have any knowledge or clue that she is expecting a baby. Yes, you heard me right Amber did not have the slightest idea that she is having a baby until the very day she delivered. Weird or stupid?

But wait, heres more! When Amber was brought to the ER, the doctors saw her lying on the bed with the babys head coming out of her. At the time, she still doesnt know she is pregnant. Considering the urgency of the case, without any hesitation, the doctors cut her pants immediately and there was the little bundle of joy being born. Ambers father came rushing into the ER room wondering how it all happened without him being aware of the situation of his child. His face was a complete picture of shock and disbelief.

After the delivery, Dr. Clem thought it was time to investigate why Amber and her boyfriend didnt know they would be expecting a baby. What could have been the reason of the boyfriend who was thinking he wont get Amber pregnant?

Find out the crazy story in the video below.

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