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This Guy Made His Pet Hibernate Inside a Box in a Fridge for Four Months!

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at 2015.12.15
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The harsh winter cold is not only challenging to us humans but to our pets as well. For people with pets who live in areas where there is snow, keeping their pets warm during the winter can be attained by turning the heater on and keeping their furry friends inside the house.

But this guy had a different idea. He took a box, spread it with shredded newspaper, put his pet inside the box, and then put the box in a fridge for four months. If youre wondering what kind of pet he has, well, he has a tortoise. And, if youre also wondering about the temperature in the fridge, its 5 degrees (Celcius, I think). Of course, this kind of forced pet hibernation would not be possible if you have a hamster, a dog, or a cat as a pet.

Watch the unboxing of the pet tortoise:

I dont think Id love being kept in a shoebox in a fridge for that long. But then again, thats me, and Im not a tortoise.

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H/T: Neil Slorance

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