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This is the Best Bus You Can Ride on Your Way to Work

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at 2015.12.14
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For most of us who have to commute to and from work almost everyday, taking the bus is something that we dread doing, especially during Mondays. You have to sit on your butt during the long ride to the office and youre stuck trying to get some much-needed sleep or make do with fidgeting with your smartphone. Now if youre in THIS bus, you may not want to get off the ride.

This cafe-style bus launched by Leap is drawing raves from commuters in San Francisco. The inside of the bus is spacious, making it more comfortable for passengers. It has power outlets which you can use to plug your gadgets in. Theres free WiFi, so you can easily pass the time surfing the net while drinking your coffee. And yes, the bus serves drinks too.

See what this bus looks like:

So how do you get hold of this bus? Just use your GPS to track it then use the app to book your passes. Whats more, you can check out its customized social media and browse the profiles of other people who take this bus, which will come in handy if you encounter a cutie during your ride.

Right now, there are only four buses of this kind roaming around San Francisco. We do hope that there will be more of it soon.

H/T: My Modern Met

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