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This Little Girl Is Wearing A Suit And Tie For Easter, Store Clerk Accused Mother Of Abuse (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.22
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Rachel Giordano set out on a Saturday afternoon to enjoy a local art festival and purchase an Easter outfit for her 5-year-old daughter, Maddie. The mother and daughter visited Marthas Miniatures in Denison, Texas, which carries various fancy dresses and suits for children.

However, soon after making their way to the outfit little Maddie was seeking, the store clerk accused Giordano of child abuse, saying the mother was wrong to encourage her daughters clothing selection.

Screen capture from CBS DFW Video

Screen capture from CBS DFW Video

You see, Maddie had no interest in the frilly dresses located in the front of the shop she had her eyes set on a suit. Her mother explained to the local CBS news affiliate:

Thats kind of just how shes different. She wants to wear a suit and tie. And, Easter is a perfect time for it because theres always cute stuff out.

Giordano said her daughter has preferred suits to dresses since she was three years old and they buy a suit every year. Maddie cried as they were leaving the store; however, she was all smiles while trying on her suit and tie at another store.


Screen capture from CBS DFW Video

Meanwhile, the store has removed their Facebook page.

Isnt that typical? Narrow-minded bullies like the woman in this store tend to disappear not because they feel they were wrong or plan on apologizing but to slither away from confrontation.

On a positive note, it is refreshing to see fellow, like-minded parents who not only accept their children for who they are but also support them. This little girl knows what she likes. Letting her wear a boys suit is not abuse in any sense of the word. Abuse would be to force the girl to dress according to what society dictates and be someone she is not.

When my youngest son was four years old he asked to take ballet lessons. We enrolled him in a local ballet school and shockingly, the instructor of the class was not receptive to having a boy dancer. In front of our little boy, she told my husband:

We are working on our recital piece which is a butterfly dance boys dont like butterflies.

My husband glared at her, astounded that she would so casually attempt to crush the dreams of a 4-year-old. At that moment, and not another second later, we withdrew him from the school and sought out another one. Fortunately, we have a professional ballet company that operates a school in our city. They welcomed our son with open arms and he now is in his third year of classes, loving every minute.

The point is, these little ones dont look at life through gender-tinted glasses. Society, not actual desire, dictates what is appropriate for each gender. Some little girls like to wear pants and suits and some little boys like to dance in the ballet both are completely appropriate and okay. In fact, I dare say I think the children that are supported in their uniqueness may just be stronger in the long run.

The greatest defense against bullying in our society is not conformity; its self-esteem. Thats not to say that children who grow up in a home that is secure in the fostering of their individuality will get through life unscathed from the hate-filled sentiments spoken by loudmouth jerks. However, they might make it through with a realization that the jerks opinions really dont matter that much in the long run.

Watch the news report from CBS-DFW below:

H/T: The Raw Story | Featured image via CBS-DFW Video Screen Capture


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    • Bruce

      If I was that clerks employer, she would be applying for unemployment benefits right now while she wonders whether or not that woman sues her and possibly her employer for slander and defamation of character, which she definitely would have coming.

    • Kathy Dunigan

      OMG another pious Christian trying to shove their beliefs down someones throat and intimidating them into living their lives the way SHE would..BAD! see, the Christians (so called) are ruining it for themselves………..NO ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!

    • Cynthia Wells Westphal

      Thank you for this article! This Mom is lucky it was just a store clerk, We fought this one in the 90s with our daughters teacher, principle, and school board. We finally had to hire an attorney to get them to back down. Fortunately Social Services was on our daughters side so that was not a big issue. Part of the joy of parenting is discovering who your children are through their life choices. Im saddened to know some parts of our society has not changed much in 30 years.

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