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This Man In India Tried To Bury His Daughter Alive Because She Was A Girl

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at 2016.11.08
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One-man in Indian undoubtedly gained”to get dad of the entire year any time in the future. A week ago, Abdul Hussein attempted to hide his ten-year old child living due to the fact she was a woman. Luckily her neighbours intervened before his heinous action could be completed by Hussein.

Hussein recorded her lips close and waited until his spouse was away, next presumably sure his youthful child using string.

Hussein waited until his wife was out, then allegedly bound his young daughter with rope and taped her mouth shut.

He started initially to hide her and then required her. From the period house was delivered by his spouse, Hussein were able to hide up his child to her torso. A bamboo container was positioned by Hussein on her behalf check out conceal the half-hidden woman till they complete the task and might return.

He then took her to his garden and began to bury her. By the time his wife returned home, Hussein managed to bury his daughter up to her chest. Hussein placed a bamboo basket on her head to hide the half-buried girl until he could come back and finish the job.

Hussein”s wherever her child was spouse required to understand. The household” neighbours that were s quickly found the small woman hidden within the backyard. That’s once they named law enforcement and faced Hussein.


Law enforcement imprisoned Hussein following his neighbours beat him and came. He’s becoming billed for homicide that is attempted. The event that was nearly lethal transpired in north India, in Tripura. Unfortunately, chaotic occurrences against kids like these are not pretty unusual throughout Asia.

The police arrived and arrested Hussein after he was beaten by his neighbors. He is currently being charged for attempted murder. The almost deadly incident occurred in Tripura, in northern India. Sadly, violent incidents against daughters like these are fairly common throughout India.

(source Mirror)

I”m happy this dad was captured before something worse occurred towards the bad woman. I really hope she could possibly get the assist she must get over this type of distressing encounter.

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