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This Mom Overheard Her Son Talking To Himself In The Bathroom. What She Heard Will Drive you Crazy!

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at 2015.12.25
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Toilet training is a developmental task that should be initiated during a childs toddler years. It is not easy to wean children off their diapers, and the entire experience of toilet training can be difficult and exhausting both for the teacher and the child. Parents should therefore devise ways on how to encourage their kids learn how to pee and poop on their own.

One way of teaching boys how to pee is to fill the toilet bowl with gummy bears, and ask them to aim at those nasty candies! Teaching girls is quite more challenging, but parents can definitely think of creative ways to engage their kids.

A very creative mother uploaded a series of videos documenting her childs potty boot camp. How she pep-talked her kid is a mystery, but it sure worked! In the first video, the child identified his poop with the food he ate earlier that day. He even expressed feelings of regret for eating way too much food, which caused his poopy misery in the bathroom.

Hes extremely concerned that his poo will overflow the toilet. Citing everything he ate that led to the unfortunate event in the bathroom, this boy knows how to crack up just about anyone. Were not even sure how his mother managed to document the whole thing without even laughing.

Watch the hilarious video:

How does a family of poop sound to you?

Watch the next video, you will go nuts!

The videos are both amusing to watch; not to mention epic and entertaining. I hope the mother uploads more videos of her kids toilet training (mis)adventures. I wonder what shell feed her child next! Ill stay tuned and loop you in.

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