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This Muzzle Turns Your Friendly Dog To A Scary Werewolf

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at 2016.02.01
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For countless of individuals and families, having added home security is one of the perks of owning a dog. These brave pets can definitely defend you against, say, burglar attacks that could happen well into the night while you are dozing off.

The challenge here for you, however, is that if your dog is the friendly kind.

You know, that type of dog who would rather lick than bite and would rather play with than attack a stranger. You would lose your chance of scaring potential intruders if your pet pooch is like that.

Well if that has always been a problem for you, then you will probably love this perfect solution from Russia.

Ladies and gentlemen, the werewolf muzzle!


Photo credit: vk.com

Yes, thats right. With this simple product from Russian, your completely-harmless pet can look a lot scarier and creepier.

The werewolf muzzle sells for around $30 and is made of non-toxic and nylon.


Photo credit: http://zveryatam.ru/
Since this accessory is slightly opened in the mouth area, your dog can pant without difficulty while wearing it.


Photo credit: http://zveryatam.ru/
When using the muzzle, be careful not to scare some people.


Photo credit: vk.com

Of course, you should be careful about the idea of bringing your dog outdoors while wearing the werewolf muzzle. You dont want to give that old lady on the park a heart attack, right? Or you wouldnt want to prompt a gun owner with an itchy trigger finger to do something regrettable, out of shock.

But if you are using this to frighten burglars at your home then by all means do it. I can easily imagine them running for their very lives. You bet theyll never mess with you again.

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