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This New iPhone Update Could Be Costing You A Lot Of Money But Heres How To Stop It

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at 2015.12.12
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If youve recently treated yourself to a brand spanking new iPhone you could soon be treated to a massive phone bill.

A feature on the new iOS9 update could be costing you a fortune if youve got a poor network plan that doesnt give you a lot of data.

Apple has released its new mobile operating system, iOS 9. There's a new feature that data-starved Canadians need to know about  and turn off.

Its called Wi-Fi Assist and is a feature which automatically switches to your phone network if your WiFi signal is inconsistent

Its super handy if you want to stay connected but can end up costing a hell of a lot of money.

These 4 simple steps will make sure you save your money.


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