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This Phone Case Turns Your Handset into a Vbrator!

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at 2015.12.26
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Someone… a crazed, ingenious someone… stumbled on a way to channel the vbrate feature of smartphones and turn any handset into a pleasure toy.

If youre a great fan of sexting, sending naughty images, phone sex, or are in a frustrating long-distance relationship, it may be of great interest to you to know a phone case will soon be available in the market that can harness your handsets vibrate mode to give you some of the best times of your life…

Introducing…the IZIVIBE

1125 izivibe 1

Photo credit: Izivibe

Its touted to be the worlds first sex toy thats geared at using your smartphones vibrations to enhance your pleasure.

Constructed with a dildo-like appearance and colored a violent pink, the IZIVIBE has been designed to send a smartphones vibrations down its extensive phallic length, magnifying pulsations for maximum pleasure.

…making you anticipate each phone call, text message, or notification…

1125 izivibe 2

Photo credit: Women’s Health Mag

Featuring a total of seven vibration modes and a number of customization options, the IZIVIBE also gives users the ability to have a partner control the product remotely.

Phone sex has never gotten this good…

1125 izivibe 5

Photo credit: Koutsompolio

Made out of medical-grade silicone guaranteed to be of hypoallergenic material, it is also free from phthalate, a chemical that has been linked to several health risks.

However, given that we use our handsets several times a day, which makes our smartphones one of the dirtiest, germ-prone things we own, it may feel a little iffy for users who would prefer to insert their IZIVIBE into various body orifices.

Plus, it obviously cannot be used during a shower or bath, unless they have designed the phone case to be waterproof, as well.

The design team for IZIVIBE was instructed to come up with an original product that would be simple, effective, and not in any way appear as vulgarly obvious as the mainstream sex toys in the market today.

Who would suspect your phone?

1125 izivibe 5

Photo credit: Izivibe

While the company has only built one prototype of the product so far, its website featuring the IZIVIBE has generated so much buzz online, product manager Remy Waddle has said they are considering raising enough funds to mass produce the smartphone case vibrator/sex toy on a larger scale.

In which case, perhaps Waddle might consider crowdfunding the IZIVIBE on IndieGogo, similar to Canadian inventor and movie producer Daniel Bitton, who not too long ago, posted his realistic scrotum backpack for funding, which has now reached 62 percent of its goal.

There hasnt been any announcement of the IZIVIBEs price tag as of yet, but the product is reportedly going to be made available to phone sex-loving smartphone users by 2016.

Ready to take your phone to the next level?


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