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This Right-Wing Christian Claim Makes All The Crazy That Came Before It Look Stunningly Sane

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at 2015.12.25
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According to one right-winger, a new study showing that ideology is centered in parts of the brain and those parts can be shut down with transcranial magnetic stimulation means that the transgender crowd is coming for your Jesus, and theyre going to suck him out of your skull with magnets.

This is why you should never leave home without your trusty tinfoil hat.

Magnets, how the %&$* do they work?

This is going to come as a surprise to Fox News viewers, but yes, your brain does work. It does many neat and interesting things: For instance, it controls all aspects of your behavior. And since your ideology is nothing more than an extension of your behavioral patterns, this means your brain controls your ideology.

A new study by a crew at UCLA confirms this, and they did so in a startling way: Using transcranial magnets to shut down the part of the posterior medial frontal cortex thats responsible for religion and nationalism.

Subjects were asked questions about death and to rate a negative essay about the United States they were told was written by an immigrant during magnetic destimulation, and when the part of the brain in question was under the magnets, they were less religious and more accepting of the immigrants.

So, naturally, one conservative radio broadcaster referred to this as eugenics and flipped out about the findings.

The Transgender crowd

While sitting in with conservative Joe Miller to discuss the study, statistician and adjunct professor at Cornell University, William Briggs, had a bit of a meltdown, and accused the transgender crowd of threatening to suck Jesus out of conservative peoples heads.

Briggs, who is more than happy to identify conservative beliefs with xenophobic nationalism and religious extremism, claimed that the study would lead to eugenics targeting conservatives.

With a wavering voice, the paranoid and fearful Briggs claimed:

Basically what theyre doing is theyre trying to bring back eugenics even, in a way. Because theyre identifying what they say are biological constituents for belief. Therefore theyre able to test for these biological constituents.

He continued:

But no, this is exactly it. There was a story this week too.. that some employers are now asking for DNA samples, not just to detect potential medical maladies, but to look for these kind of character traits they think they have identified that make one a lesser person.

I actually know how genetics work (well, I pretend to, anyway), and the first thing wrong with this is that theres a statistician talking about biology. I wont even trust a statistician talking about numbers, and thats their job. Im not going to them to learn about genetics.

Second, behaviors do not work this way. Yes, you can shut off certain behaviors with a magnet. People can shut off those beliefs themselves, too. There are many atheists who were formerly Christians proving that. To claim this is eugenics is on its face absurd. But wait, it gets better: Miller then hinted that the magnets might be used by transgender people against people of faith:

The whole transgender crowd, they see their main opponent as being those of faith and so obviously theyre going to use any aggressive tactics they can to move forward that agenda. This is still minority opinion though, right? In psychology and elsewhere?

Briggs answered that, no, he didnt think its minority opinion anymore.

There are two morals here: One, it didnt take long at all for them to repackage their homophobic rhetoric. Two, its painfully obvious that men like Briggs and Miller are extremely self-important. Of course, most authoritarian bigots usually are.

Listen to the conversation below:

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