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Top 10 Totally Ridiculous Foreign Superheroes

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A lot of the ones which come to mind are American, when you think of superheroes. Superman, Batman, Spiderman. But across the world there are lots of examples of superheroes quite distinct from the recognizable characters from DC and Marvel. Here are some of the very crazy.


Superdupont is a superhero based completely on stereotypes that are French.

Superdupont, his true identity unknown is the son of an unknown soldier. Superdupont is the title character in a French comic book show, made as a parody of the common stereotype that is French. He occasionally has a baguette under his arm, smokes, drinks wine, eats French cheese and wears a beret. His powers are super flight, invulnerability and strength. Oh, and firing a beam that is magic from his hands that could treat gonorrhoea.

Generation Tesla

A superhero team to resist bad is assembled by Nikola Tesla.

Generation Tesla is a superhero team. In this Serbian comic book, Nicola Tesla evades his own departure (presumably orchestrated by Edison) by transferring to a different plane of existence.

After there he resurrects a lot of dead people slain by means of an evil man named Kobalt. Then he transforms them all into superheroes to counter risks that are villainous, while at the exact same time striving really difficult not to infringe on X Men.

The Golem

The Jews are protected by superhero Golem from vampires and devils.

This Golem is a superhero from Israel with multiple origin stories not to be mistaken with any Marvel characters with the exact same name. He got his powers from a scientist’s creation. Another variant maintains his powers. It is blamed by a third narrative on radiation, like many others and Godzilla. He’s called the guardian of the Jewish people, and his nemeses contain a vampire, a Canaanite god as well as an Arabian devil.

The Golem was made with an intricate fictional comic book history where an alternate universe Jack Kirby creates The Golem rather than Captain America. The Golem is depicted on a comic book cover hitting against Hitler in the face, such as the well-known Captain America cover

The Rapeman

A hero who rights wrongs through penetration, Rapeman.

Japan, oh.

In the manga Rapeman that is satirical, the principal character Keiko Uasake is a high school teacher by day as well as a vigilante by night. As his alter ego, he dispenses a surreal type of justice by means of a company “Rapeman Services” that he runs with his uncle. Their company slogan: “Righting wrongs through penetration.”

Mercury Man

A former-fireman named his transsexual sister fight crime and Chan!

Mercury Man is Thailand’s take on the hit superhero film. A fireman named Chan is transformed into a superhero after being stabbed with an early Tibetan amulet. He fights bad a fighter, jointly with his transsexual sister. His nemesis is some terrorist named Osama bin Ali who plots to ruin America, rather than Thailand. What, Thailand is not good? Additionally at one point Chan fights with an elephant.

Zooman: The Human Fly

Zooman – like Spiderman, except he uses his powers to look up girls women.

Back in the 60’s, a man named Stan Lee created a superhero with various spider- powers that were themed. At the time, folks believed it was quite silly but fast forward 50 years and four films afterwards, Spiderman is one of the very famous superheroes on the planet. It is a successful formula. Choose a blessed person, liberally use some creature-themed super powers, and you have got comic book gold.

For any reason, this Mexican originator selected a fly. Strange enough by itself, but then there are the hero’s experiences: shrinking down himself to fight pissed off spiders and peep up skirts. Seriously.


Akira Fudo is a self-conscious teen possessed by a devil, who uses pure heart to maintain the devil in check.

Devilman is a character from a favorite Japanese manga. Akira Fudo is a boy possessed by a devil after a mass shooting in a nightclub by his buddy Ryo, in secret the son of Satan. Fortunately, Akira is a goody-two-shoes and his pure heart keeps the evil of the devil in check. This permits him to command its powers

Afterwards, Devilman brings about Armageddon and fights Satan.

Super Commando Dhruva

Dhruva’s an animal-speaking superhero who is out for revenge.

Dhruva was born to a husbandandwife trapeze artists so he grew right up in the circus. When villains place fire with the circus and killed everyone except him, he vowed vengeance. His powers include discussing creatures and breathing underwater. Except gorillas. He can not speak to gorillas. He has a kick-butt bike.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah

Zsazsa’s powers come from eating a meteorite that is magic. Repeatedly.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah is a well-known superhero from the Philippines, and his exploits have found their way into musicals and movie. And that ‘his’ was not a typo– Zsazsa’s a guy. At least, a number of the time.

A homosexual beautician, Ada, lives in a tiny state where nothing interesting happens. One day when taking a bath, a spiky fist-sized meteorite that was pink hits him and fell on his house. Seemingly understanding a magic meteorite when he sees one he consumes it, because all of US understand that peculiar things that are ingesting is recommended.
Fortunately instead of choking to death, it transforms him into a strong Amazonian girl. From then on, any time Ada needs to transform the exact same meteorite is swallowed by him. Again and again. Think about that.

El Bulbo or The Lightbulb

The consequence of lightbulbs and magic, the greatest villain of El Bulbo fights history — Light Bulb Hitler.

Yes, Mexico has a superhero light bulb.

El Bulbo is a superb powered lightbulb. When, no kidding, someone throw a spell on an old television set and brought the lightbulbs inside it to life, he was born. As for why someone would waste great magic on a TV wasn’t described.

Among the lightbulbs believed he was Adolf Hitler, and dubbed himself “Adolfo”. To fight him, one lightbulb donned a cape and became “El Bulbo”. The other lightbulbs in the TV dwelt ordinary lives paying taxes and contributing to society.

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