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Trump So Divorced From Reality His Newest Campaign Promise Is A Lavish Ballroom

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Displaying an obscene lack of understanding regarding the painful situation that most Americans find themselves in financially, and a callous disregard for the dying middle class, Trumps promise on the eve of the Iowa Caucus was not related to either of those things. Instead, he focused on what he does best, a gaudy, lavish ballroom with which to impress Chinese visitors to the White House.

Every time the top people come over from China … they put up a tent at the White House. Well have a ballroom at the White House. Well get the top people, the top everything, well have the best ballroom. Because I notice they always put tents up on the lawn. Number one, its not a good security thing. Number two, the guy that owns the tents is making a fortune.

During a time in which many families in America have no belt holes left to tighten, Trump isnt concentrating on Making America Great Again, instead he appears to be concentrating on making America look like a pretentious rich a$$hole with more money than sense.

Of course, he may not see it that way, but we have seen what he thinks is good taste and there is no doubt that his larger than life opulence will find its way into the ballroom that he is promising to pay for himself. Just what we need, a grander place to clean and heat and do nothing with most of the year.

At least 100 million, is what Trump said that he once offered David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama, to pay to build a ballroom in the White House.

Axelrod does recall the offer to build a ballroom at the White House, which he passed on, however, he does not recall Trump offering to pay for it. Since this wouldnt be the first time that Trumps memory of facts has been faulty, like his claim that thousands of Muslims celebrated the fall of the Twin Towers in New Jersey which rated him a Pants-On-Fire rating from Politifact, this isnt really surprising.

He has offered to build it once before on Rush Limbaughs show, only that time it was a 50-100 million dollar gift.

Honestly, what America needs now is a living wage, health care, financial reforms, and better safety net programs. But, hey, the Donald is gonna build us an unnecessary, lavish ballroom just to make sure the guy renting tents to the White House doesnt get paid and we look fancy for visiting dignitaries.

Who cares if you cant afford shoes for your kid, who needs to know they will still have a roof over their heads next month? Well have a kick-a$$ cotillion castle on the White House grounds to help us keep our chins up. Or as Marie Antoinette once said, let them eat cake.

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