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Trumps Creepy Stare During Moment Of Silence For Scalia Will Give You Nightmares (IMAGES)

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at 2016.04.12
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There would obviously be no avoiding the loss of conservative hero Antonin Scalia from the highest court in the land at Saturday nights Republican debate. Of the nine justices on the bench as of that morning, Scalia would have probably been second to last on the conservative list of who to replace next to Clarence Thomas. Not only did they lose their loudest voice on the court, they lost him at a time when having him replaced by another conservative is next to impossible.

When the debate began with a moment of silence for Scalia, you had to wonder what was actually going through their heads. This is a nightmare, and Why couldnt it have been Sotomayer are a couple of things that come to mind. The most pressing thing on their minds had to be how to obstruct President Obama from appointing someone to the Supreme Court without making it look like their party has a blatant disregard for the US Constitution and the American People.

All but Donald Trump, that is. Looking at him during this segment one could only wonder when the alien clown living inside him would bust free, leaving the skin suit behind in favor of his frightening real self. Alas…pictures are worth a thousand words:


As Scalia appears on the big screen, almost all of the candidates begin to prepare, folding their hands in their ridiculous pseudo-Christian reverence.


As the moment is announced, heads begin to bow. John Kasich is a little late and looks like a turtle with a horrible case of scoliosis, but hell catch up.


Everones heads are bowed now, except for Trumps. Rubio makes the sign of the cross and Carson looks extremely awkward as usual.


As everyone stands in penitent silence with their heads bowed in what could only be described as either silent prayer or obligatory sideshow, Trump stands looking straight ahead, eyes open, obviously lost in a manic episode of some sort.


Whats going through Trumps head? Do you really want to know? Im willing to bet it has something to do with what many assume are his favorite fantasies: World domination, A giant Trump on the White House or a romantic evening with his daughter.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

All Images via screen capture

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