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Twitter Reacts To Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Rumors, Donald Trump May Cry (Tweets)

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at 2016.03.16
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On Wednesday, a trending topic on Facebook took many by surprise: Donald Trump Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize.

Many would be less surprised to see Punxsutawney Phil pop out of his hole with an AK-47 and declare that Barack Obama is now the King of the United States.

According to the headlines the nomination is for his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, Isis, nuclear Iran and Communist China.

So, was he nominated? According to Snopes, there is a single person who has reported seeing a letter from an unnamed US politician nominating the man that many believe is the second coming of Hitler for the prestigious prize. As an aside, both Hitler and Stalin were actually nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, something that boggles the mind. Turns out that anyone can nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize, literally anyone.

So while it was true that a single individual reported that someone had nominated Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize, anyone can be suggested for the award, and more than 200 such submissions are made annually.

Whether any such letter actually existed has not been confirmed, and the individual who claimed to have received a copy also stated that Trump was not among likely winners.

Ok, so this nomination is really nothing, but free press for Trump. No, he isnt in the running, but when people thought he was? The internet responded with all the incredulity this situation called for, the overwhelming opinion seems to be, there goes the neighborhood, America, WTF!?!?

Speculation about WHO the unnamed politician is, of course, rampant: was it Sarah Palin trying to bolster her patron candidates flagging support in the wake of his stupid decision to skip the debates that may just have lost him Iowa and his momentum? Was it Ted Cruz, who wanted the similarities between him and Hitler to be brought to the forefront again? Or, was it Trump himself, doing his best to continue running his campaign on free advertising? Some politicians are even jumping out to say Wasnt me.

The good news, there is not an actual nomination, the best news: the universe is as offended as we are that anyone would nominate this piece of human excrement for anything, let alone the Nobel Peace Prize.

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