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Two Men In Drag Ram Gates At NSA Headquarters (VIDEO and IMAGES)

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at 2015.12.13
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Two men dressed in womens clothing and wearing wigs, driving a stolen Ford Escape, rammed the gates at NSA headquarters in Maryland. This prompted armed guards to open fire, leaving one man dead at the scene and the other hospitalized at Bostons Shock trauma unit. An NSA officer was also h0spitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

Federal officials found drugs and a weapon in the stolen vehicle.

Photos and videos from WUSA9 chopper show two damaged vehicles, one emblazoned with the word Police. The FBI is investigating the incident and they currently do not believe that this is a terrorist attack, rather a local criminal matter.

Photos that are tweeted by @NewsChopperBrad at WUSA9 News show what appears to be a body on the ground covered by a white sheet. There also appears to be a wig among the debris strewn about.

@NewsChopperBrad NSA Tweet 1

@NewsChopperBrad NSA Tweet 2

@NewsChopperBrad NSA Tweet 3

The shooting occurred on the NSA side of the gates but not many other details are being made available at this time.

WATCH the video below for more information:

Featured image from one of the tweets above.

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