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WATCH: Glenn Beck Watches The Walking Dead But Not For The Reasons You Think (VIDEO)

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at 2016.02.02
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The Walking Dead is among the most popular shows on television today. It is a show with fans from all walks of life, lifestyles, and political persuasions. Most people watch the show out of some fascination with zombies and the macabre; others just to be entertained by what is considered a well done and well written series.

Not Glenn Beck. Glenn watches the show to take notes for the impending collapse of society. Leave it to the original celebrity Tea Person to use a show meant for entertainment as a documentary.

Its the season finale next Sunday, Beck said on his radio program. I dont want to wait. It is so well done. But the amazing thing is, I watch it in a different way. If you watch it for pure entertainment, God bless you. I dont know how you do it. It must be nice to live in that world. I dont live in that world. Im taking notes.

He goes on:

Its so dark. I dont think I could watch it that way. Im actually looking at it as a study because I think its accurate on how, especially as you get to the later seasons, I think its very accurate on how you would change.

Heres the videos in case you think this was all made up:

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  • Tim Arvizu

    Glen doesnt have to watch The Walking Dead to get pointers, he need only pay more attention to the people who have turned their thought absorption capacity over to him and the rest of the right wing media.

  • rebel83

    If he were really taking notes hed be freaking out over how well socialism works in a crisis.

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