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WATCH: Hateful Womans Parenting Advice On Toddler Is To Beat The F**K Out Of It Or Kill It So She Isnt Bothered (VIDEO)

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at 2016.02.04
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Kathleen Smith of Tomball, TX. is apparently running for the title of the most hateful woman in America today. While at a trip to the local grocery store, Kathleen came across a 2-year-old child who was having some difficulties. Now, some people might feel bad or awkward in such a situation. Some parents might sympathize for the mother, especially if they have been there. But not Kathleen Smith. She decided not only to think vile things about the child, like praying to Baby Jesus that there is something wrong with the child and then recommending the mother beat the f**k out of the toddler.

In her 3 minute rant she goes on to also recommend killing the child among other nastiness. Lines like pick your weapon and end the drama, end the torture are throughout the hateful rant.

The video must be seen to be believed, really.

Watch HERE:

And apparently the video has gone viral by Tomballs standards, prompting Ms. Smith to record a follow up rant, almost as vile as the first. She doubles, if not triples, down on her original statements. Afterwards, she takes time to address her new found social media celebrity. She tells the 30 people who have sent her friend requests that she will not be accepting them. Im sure those fans will be disappointed.

You can see her brilliant follow-up HERE:

Poor Kathleen though. To have to endure dodging a few Cheetos and shopping in another aisle perhaps until the child calmed down, or they moved to another aisle, was simply too much, I suppose. A little sympathy for a parent struggling with a special needs child was out of the question. And not only did she have to think all that nasty, hateful stuff, she felt compelled to scream it to the world, like she herself is an out of control child.

She also suggests maybe the parent leave the child at home. It apparently never occurred to her that simply might not be an option, for whatever reason. But regardless the hate spewed in her video is unbelievable. I cant help but think the toddler has the excuse of being a 2 or 3-year-old and not knowing any better than to behave as she did. I gotta wonder what Kathleen Smiths excuse for her behavior is. Maybe someone needs to take her out to the woodshed. Or maybe thats where all this hate started.

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  • YerWurstNitemare

    WTF kind of slime records herself spewing this hate & then posts it on YouTube?? I really hope shes hasnt had any kids of her own… What a POS!

    • Kathy Dunigan

      said she had kids and raised them with fear and respect…..can you imagine……this woman ready to crack and spewing filthy words every other word doesnt look like she was much of a mom to me and the patience she did not show and the hate she spewed for this child she did not know was horrendous…………..SHE is the one with a BIG problem……..all she needed to do was get away from the situation in that store and chill………I really do not think she knows how to chill…………kill it or leave it at home……….disgusting…………POS is right……….

      • Kenneth Henderson

        She reminds me of my late mother in law. My mother in law was so bad, so horrible when she was alive, she had a PRO (permanent restraining order) from my wife. This woman is just as vile, and just as disgusting, I wouldnt put it past her kids if they filed TROs or PROs against her.

    • Thom Lee


  • Linda Matuskey

    Many children aged 2-3 have poor impulse control and have meltdowns that are impossible to control. Unfortunately, this woman has had children (I pity those kids) that never acted out in public. Good for her. Most have had little ones who have temper tantrums (as we used to call them). It is a struggle to regain control for both parent and child. And, believe it or not, beating a 2-3 year old will no get the desired result. AND WTF was that remark about gorillas at the end of her rant? Is this whole thing a racist rant? Would not surprise me. Disgusting woman.

  • Gary T Harlow

    FYI I shop at HEB and the deli counter is RIGHT NEXT to produce. Its not like she made her way across the store.



    • Brian Geary

      And Jews suck their infants bloody penises after a bris, so whats your point about values?

  • mattdl

    I just had to take a moment to pray to the baby Jesus because good lord there has to be something wrong with that woman. She must be touched in the head. I am sick and tired of men who let their wives make fools of themselves like this. Maybe baby Jesus will speak to her husband and show him how to smack some sense into her. Man up America!

    • Jack Cambest

      Talking baby jesus! ROFL! Now that would be hilarious!

  • Guest

    Typical southern liberal…probably goes to church once a year and thinks of themselves as a Christian. You can tell shes a pro-choicer too.

    • Tim Arvizu

      Hey, Guest. Southern Liberal? You obviously dont listen very well. She made it clear she didnt have any use for those tree hugging, save the Earth folk. No Guest. The fact is, she is one your teabagging, right wing wackos who prays to baby Jesus then spews the F word without blinking a eye. Shes one of your bible belt Texas white trash conservatives. So, man up and own her, Guest.

      • Joe

        Guest must be as dumb as she is,
        to think she is not a Texas conservative Bible thumper. What amazes me is how many of these weird acting people are from Texas.

    • CognizantImpiety

      You must be her father…

  • Kenneth Henderson

    What a disgusting piece of pathetic, white, trash, and from Tex-ASS no less! Lets hope that if she continues to make threats that they are taken seriously and she ends up behind bars before she decides to cause harm.

  • Jack Cambest

    TX christian. nuff said.

  • CognizantImpiety

    fear does NOT generate respect…

  • CognizantImpiety

    She is talking about black people, right?

  • Kim Merkel Hoerle

    Well, this is an excellent example of someone who does not know how to think. The way she talks, and cites how she raised her own children, makes me want to vomit. I do not have children, that was my personal choice, and I do know that sometimes children misbehave, but this thing who passes herself off as a Christian (Personally, she is an awful one. No empathy, no compassion, and no true conviction of faith or humanity.), disgraceful. Appalling, even. When children misbehave near me, I walk away, theyre not mine, so I am not in a position to tell anyone how to raise children that arent mine, And if she follows through with her parenting tips blog, please do not read it or feed this hateful demon in any fashion. This is an adult, but she throws a tantrum rival to any that I have seen out of anything under the age of 6- her behavior is as unacceptable as what she says is.

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