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WATCH: KKK Member Tells Reporter That Auschwitz Was Like Summer Camp (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.03
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The Ku Klux Klan is a uniquely and embarrassingly American invention so when a reporter from the BBC interviewed a klansman, the crew was shocked at how just how vile he was.

The BBC was working on a documentary called KKK: The Fight for White Supremacy. It was in response to the brutal mass shooting of a black church in Charleston, SC. The documentary aired on Monday and it included klansman saying they were preparing for a race war. One of the klan members went so far as to claim that Auschwitz could be compared to a summer camp.

Adolf Hitler, he was one of the smartest men there ever was, a Klan member explains. The so-called concentration camps like Auschwitz and so forth, they say they were death camps. But these death camps, they gave the so-called people that were being killed cigarettes, there was coffee, there was a movie theater, a library, even a swimming pool in Auschwitz.

And if youre going to sit there and kill all these people then how come all these things would be in there? he continues. Its more like a summer camp.

Source: Raw Story

Watch the reporters reaction to the disgusting piece of revisionist history (warning: the n word is used quite frequently):

Featured image via Wikimedia.

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