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WATCH: Patriot Militia Ammosexuals Arrested For Trying To Steal Drugs, Murder For Money (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.07
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Three members of a patriotic militia ammosexual Chuck Norris wannabe club, who made it their purpose to defend our border, have been arrested by the FBI after being caught in a sting operation.

The members are Erik Foster, Robert Deatherage, and Parris Frazier. All were charged with conspiracy to sell cocaine after they were nailed in an FBI operation that lasted over half a year. The details of the plot involved stealing drugs and money from drug cartel smugglers, one undercover agent, an offer to murder for money, and finally a high speed case through the streets of Phoenix AZ.

A portion of the complaint reads as follows:

Frazier said he had a small group of Patriots that he trusted and they were trying to take care of (steal) anything that came up out of Mexico (drugs) or was going back into Mexico (bulk cash), but they preferred the cash loads going south. Frazier told the UCE that if he provided decent intel on stuff going south (bulk cash), Frazier would give the UCE a percentage of whatever is taken.

Are Immigrants really a bigger threat to our country than these ammosexual patriots?

More details in the report stated that the plan was to steal drugs from a warehouse and sell them back to the undercover agent who had made contact with the group several months earlier. Over the course of these months, the agent led them along a fictitious path of events to gain their trust, ultimately leading up to the bust. Frazier took it upon himself to make the offer to the undercover agent to kill, or Take out anyone that the agent asked him to as well.

The militia is called Arizona Special Operations Group. They are associated with the anti-Muslim rally that was held by Jon Ritzheimer outside a Phoenix mosque recently. Ritzheimer, to his credit, had nothing to do with this groups extra-curricular activities.

As we see regularly, these criminals who mask themselves in our flag have nothing but selfish motives at heart when they claim they are defending Liberty. They yearn for the chance to shoot other people (especially if they are not white), steal, break the law, and generally be as hypocritical as possible in their behavior. For these three, their days of playing Army Men are over and they if they make it out of prison, they will be greeted by the Communist embrace of Social Security and Medicare. I almost feel bad for their Liberty…almost.

H/T: Freakoutnation

Featured Image: Screen capture by Christian Drake for If You Only News

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