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WATCH: Republican Prophet Demands To Be Mayor, Threatens Town With Gods Wrath If Not Elected (VIDEO)

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at 2016.01.11
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You seriously need to watch this video. Opal Covey, a self-described Prophet of God has threatened Toledo with His wrath if she is not elected mayor. And since you are wondering, yes she is running as a Republican.

Covey is a habitual failure and sideshow candidate in the Toledo mayoral elections. Now she is upset and is threatening voters with divine retribution if they do not vote her into office. What could possibly go wrong if they did, right?

Can you imagine what it must have been like to be the poor news person to actually go there and interview this lady? They must have lost a bet, or be the new guy who gets all the worst assignments. Somehow I bet she smells like 17 cats combined with an entire bottle of perfume all at once.

Opal said, during the interview, that she actually won the election. Her votes were stolen from her though, causing her to lose during the 2013 cycle. But, the best part came after she was asked if she had anything more to say to potential voters. You simply have to watch it to understand how bizarre and hilarious this is.

Watch Opal Covey go into a brief trance and speak in tongues on live TV news, threatening voters with Gods wrath if they dont vote for her:

Featured Image: NBC24 Screen Capture

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    • Angel Love

      Is this woman crazy or what????

      • Kim Serrahn

        or what, cause she has crazy locked.

      • ConservativeForHillary

        did she just cast a spell?? is this what the Christian Right is all about?

        • Raji the Green Witch

          Thats what she did, all right! Any time a person calls upon aid from the spiritual realm they are casting a spell.

        • Victoria

          She was supposedly speaking in tongues not casting a spell. The womans a crazy Christian, shes not Wiccan!!

        • Becky Carr

          I know this from experience I grew up in a Pentecostal church
          When you speak in tongues its because youre so overwhelmed with joy you have no idea what to say so you just start saying gibberish I recorded a session of a when a girl went into a trance supposedly and spoke in tongues as a linguistic project its gibberish plain and simple no derivations no language overlap no structure

          • Michael Abbett

            Its gibberish in whatever language they use, even the recognizable ones.

      • elf1

        No shes a conservative!

    • dadzilla

      Mayor or crazy cat lady?

    • doubtn T

      And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of your christofascist, gawd told me to run, sharia-wanna-be, theocracy! Welcome to the US of murica!

    • Kim Serrahn

      Can someone give this poor woman a make over.

      • Jeff Putterman

        Does Obamacare pay for head transplants?

    • Darth Darth Binks

      Why give this stupid cow airtime?

    • martha bettes

      She is speaking Yall Qaeda ! LMAO !

    • Sunshn51

      The false prophets! Perhaps the authorities should make sure she has no weapons.

      • Becky Carr

        Perhaps the authorities should medicate her and put her in a padded room

    • David Amaral

      Lock up your weapons. Sounds as if she just made terrorist threats against the city and people of Toledo.

      • Becky Carr

        For reals shouldnt she be under investigation for threatening the city

        • Shariys

          But shes just so entertaining!

    • Jay Deering

      nut job

    • Frank Booth

      I think Charles Manson said it best Do you feel blame? Are you mad? Uh, do you feel like wolf kabob Roth vantage? Gefrannis booj pooch boo jujube; bear-ramage. Jigiji geeji geeja geeble google. Begep flagaggle vaggle veditch-waggle bagga?

    • DOCS

      Well, you know shell get the redneck-fundy-thumper vote…

    • Kim

      LOL! I got nuthin!!!

    • Paul LJ Catlow

      Forgive me for possibly being superficial, but she has a face Ive seen before: of somebody whos spent most of their life being disappointed, failing to achieve targets which they arent equipped to attain, cant make the connection between the two propositions, and habitually blames her failures on others rather than her lack of the necessary skills and her own poor life choices. Im also seeing the unhealthy colouration of somebody who might need chemical refreshment of some sort, possibly alcohol, to get them to the end of the day. Whatever party shes standing for, some kind soul could take her aside and advise her she doesnt stand a chance and she should give up any dreams of electoral office, as it isnt going to happen.

    • Bruce Brown

      She needs to be declared legally insane and be institutionalized. What line do you have to cross to be declared incompetent?

    • ShelleysLeg

      Smells like 17 cats AND a whole bottle of Jungle Gardenia to mask the cat odor!!! LOL!!

    • Michael Abbett

      I wondered what Jackie Stallone had been up to these days.

    • Adamant

      Fingernail polish is the same color as her house coat, Mary Kay CrayCray.

    • Cherie Utley

      Well born and raised in Ohio, she might as well get it, why not??? She is red all over.

    • Katrina Bacome

      Opal Covey also said that God killed our previous mayor, D. Michael Collins, cos he stole her seat. But regardless, she gets my vote because she promised Toledo a dinosaur park. Not sure if that means God will actually bring back the dinosaurs for Opal Covey, or if its a Jurassic Park situation, or just a fossil park, but I cant wait to find out.

    • Bob Munnings

      This ladys FB page reads like an insane rant. Its amazing.

    • mellowjohn

      who does her make-up, Earl Scheib?

    • Cynthianna Matthews

      She does make the local news a lot more interesting.

    • Lindsay Gough

      Oh dear, oh dear, dear, dear. Bag, paper, very thick.

    • PhancyPants99 .

      So God will literally destroy Toledo if she doesnt become Mayor? This woman has a bigger ego that Donald Trump. Crazy ole kook.

    • jWd

      Awww poor thing

    • James Saunders

      Whenever I hear Americans say they are a christian I think they are the same as her, all religious people are fools or liars.

    • Shariys

      On the other hand, if Carty gets elected again, then Opals prophecy will come true!

    • Robert Johns

      I very much doubt anyone stole any votes from her, but if they did I think they did it to prevent a catastrophe.

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    • Paul Klinger

      She could be the next Sarah Palin.

    • http://www.davidjayjordan.com/BrightandMorningStar.html birdtrees

      She thinks God wants to destroy a city if you do not put Flo in office, hun, hilariously frightening and more of that left- right flag football brained self righteous freakshow,lolz…she wants to turn Oklahoma into a shithole amusment park and profit off of it.

    • LCrouse


    • Jeff Putterman

      God told me this in is one human who was not made in his image.

    • Jeff Putterman

      If God sent her, God really hates Toledo.

    • deathfrogg

      Imagine having that as your Mother.

    • Dave Miers

      I may be mistaken but didnt I see her on the Bngazi Committee the other day?

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