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Watch Tenn. Bands Ammosexual Cover Of Anna Kendricks Cups Shoot Its Way Into Musical Idiocy (VIDEO)

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at 2015.12.22
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What was that you were saying about responsible gun use, America? Come again?

Perhaps you should take a look at this video currently circulating the Internet.

Mind you, this is just one example of responsible gun use. No doubt there are countless others out there making the point just as well, but this one is especially fun, and underlines the point quite well.

The video was posted by YouTube user jim huish. Huish is part of a Nashville, Tenn. band that goes by the name Ambers Drive. The short description on their Facebook page states:

Weve been called a mix of Zac Brown and Boys 2 Men, The Backstreet Boys meets Mumford and Sons and The Beatles meet Johnny Cash. You decide.

Huishs video is a take on the hit single, Cups, from the 2012 movie, Pitch Perfect, performed by Anna Kendrick.

You can see Kendricks video and version of the song below:

Charming as the song and video may or may not be to some people, it seems Huish felt that it could use a little something. Ill give you one guess what that little something was.

You guessed it guns! You can go ahead select your prize anything between the ashtrays and the thimbles. . . that includes the Chiclets but not the erasers.

Rather than using cups to help create part of the beat in the song, as Kendrick did, Huish uses guns to tap, slap and bang his musical heart out. He does keep the cups, though. That is the name of the song, after all. Only, Huish uses his creative genius to shoot the cups. Bang! Bang! Pow! Pow! Pew! Pew! Pew! Failblog lists the guns as an AR15, an AK47 (AK74), a CZ75 and a Walther P22.

Like Kendrick, Huish does the tapping and shooting in rhythm while he sings the song. Unlike Kendrick, who appears to pull off the timing of her piece relaxed and effortlessly, Huish often seems rushed and somewhat frantic to pull off the coordination for his small, mimicking stunt.

Check it out for yourself in the video below and see what you think:

Not to discredit his skills or anything. That cant be easy to do. Who knows how many takes it took him to really pull it off, too, let alone practicing at home in front of the mirror, or wherever hed do such a bizarre thing.

But thats the point, isnt it? Pulling off stunts like Huish is doing in his video are exactly how accidents happen. Everything is innocent enough, until something happens, and playing around, singing, tapping, banging and shooting at cups in a timed rhythm so you can pull off a nifty little video under strained conditions is not exactly the most responsible gun use, wouldnt you say, America?

At least one commenter under the video on Failblog, going by mandrac, offered a little sanity to the maker of the video:


joke aside they should be carefull while manipulating loaded guns like that. the guy filming is sometime almost infront of the gun. Thats the kind of situation where accident happen.

Even mandrac, complete with grammatical genius, can see what a bad idea the video is when it comes to responsible gun use. Whats your problem, America?

Id call the video a mix of innocent fun and ammosexual lunacy, childlike invincibility-complex meets Merican daredevil deathwish, carny amusement meets failed respect for firearms.

Or, I might just call it a bad idea that sacrifices the music for a juvenile gun stunt. Annie Oakley, he is not. And unfortunately, because Huish had to try so hard to concentrate on his timing and sing over the ringing sound of gun shots, we cant tell if he is even a Velvet Revolver.

Lets hope Huish doesnt try this with death metal anytime soon.

Featured image: YouTube

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