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Watch the Leaked Kim Jong-Un Death Scene From The Interview, Or The Terrorists Win (VIDEO)

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at 2016.04.29
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Though we have been deprived of an opportunity to see Seth Rogan and James Francos new movie, The Interview, because the film industry is perfectly willing to cave to terrorist threats, the scene which features the death of Best Koreas leader Kim Jong-Un is now available for our viewing pleasure.

The North Korean hacking group, Guardians of Peace, stole more than 100 terabytes of data from the Studio, which they have been causing a stir by releasing but one thing they did not want released was the film itself.

Someone though it is difficult to tell who leaked the film, though it appears to be from a screener copy that would have been sent out to SAG-AFTRA members for award consideration.

The North Korean leader, played by Randall Park, can be seen dying in a blazing inferno after a missile hits the helicopter in which he is riding all to the tune of Katy Perrys music.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for Sony said he was deeply saddened the films release was canceled. We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome, he said.

One Texas theater is compensating for the loss of the ability to view this film by airing Team America: World Police. On the Facebook page of the Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, the theater explained that:

For the record, our plan was to still show The Interview … unfortunately these decisions arent always ours to make. But in light of these recent events, we only have one thing to say: AMERICA F*** YEAH!

According to the theater, the special showing is free on December 27 because you cant spell FREEDOM without FREE.’

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For now, kick back and watch Kim Jong-Uns death. F*ck the hackers.

‘s FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator.

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  • MIchelle

    This is a movie I may or may not have seen when it was released. Now if it ever does make it out in full I will definitely watch it, whether in theater, online, whatever. The hackers have managed to make it a must-see part of American history.

  • http://www.mygeekygeekyways.com Starman

    Unfortunately, theyve had to cancel the screening because Paramount refuses to sell the public screening rights to anyone.

  • mechadave

    Murica, Eff ya! Free Dumb!

  • Brent

    Best Pre-Release Marketing Ploy Ever ~ or The Terrorists Have Finally Won…. You Choose Sony…

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